Low Carb Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies are an epic favorite pastime of mine.  You know, like the Danish ones in the blue can?!?  There are just certain things that must be incorporated into my life in order to maintain my 65 lb. weight loss results while completely avoiding that awful feeling of deprivation.  And Low Carb Shortbread Cookies are one of them.  I mean really, who wants to give up cookies?  No one I know.  And surely, no client I’ve ever worked!!

Heyyy! In case we haven’t met, this is Sacramento, CA Nutritionist Dani Conway and I help women *ditch the diet* + lose stubborn weight + gain energy!  Imagine finally feeling freedom from food and comfort in your own skin.  Stop starving and freaking out about what you’re going to eat for your next meal or snack.  Start living… know exactly what to order in a restaurant.  Eat more to lose the weight.  Let that feeling of being confused and overwhelmed about food is now a thing of the past

I longed for all of this myself as I was 65 lbs. overweight on a fat free diet.  The food cravings were agonizing and legit ran (and ruined!) my daily focus.  I was unsatisfied after a meal and was worried about what and when I would eat next.  Social situations were scary AF and caused me a ton of anxiety.  I knew living in agony over food was not an option (I was in my 20s!!) and something had to shift.  Can you relate?  Oh, and I had tons of hormone issues and digestive problems as well.

Are you tired of all of this nonsense and finally ready for change?  I got you!  Details you won’t want to miss just below the recipe!

Ok back to LOW CARB SHORTBREAD COOKIES!  This recipe adaptation came from a dear friend of mine.  She adapted it from her grandmother’s original shortbread recipe.  Considering we both stay gluten free and low carb, I was so excited when she shared it with me upon searching for Keto, paleo cookie recipes.

Speaking of this lifestyle, I actually jumped into this LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) way of eating before it was even a thing.  That was almost 12 years ago prior to becoming certified in all things holistic nutrition and functional medicine, authoring the ebook, “How to Eat Fat & Get Thin” as well as creating the #UNdiet Fat Loss Formula.  I’ve since been featured on Fox Sacramento for multiple foodie segments.  I’ve also been featured as the creator of the #UNdiet Fat Loss Formula as well just last month on CBS Sacramento.  This is truly the formula to achieve true weight loss, fat loss, energy, and focus.

So, the moral?  You can have your cookies and have your results too!  This recipe is a fantastic, Keto – low carb, way to keep cookies in your life.  This Keto friendly recipe will not kill all of the great weight loss + fat loss effort you’re putting out.  It’s actually one that will help support your weight loss and fat loss goals.

Low Carb Shortbread Cookies

4 c. Organic Almond Flour
1/2 c. Organic Coconut Sugar
1/4 c. Swerve
3/4 c. Swerve
1 lb. (2 packages) Kerrygold Salted Butter
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract (be sure it’s gluten free)
1/4 tsp. Bob’s Red Mill Baking Powder2-3 cookie sheets that have a lip around the outside – no flat cookie sheets.  The butter does run while they’re baking and this will avoid butter dripping into the oven.


Lemon Shortbread… you can cut the recipe in half and make it into two batches; half plain and half lemon or you can make all of one or the other.  For all plain, follow recipe above.  For all lemon, add 1-2 tbsp. Lemon Extract (1 for mild lemon and 2 for very lemony flavor).  For half Lemon batch, split the batch into two and use 2-3 tsp. Lemon Extract.


1. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees.
2. Leave butter out to soften.
3. Mix butter alternative sugars, baking powder and vanilla.
4. Add almond flour slowly and mix well.
5. Use a tablespoon to scoop cookies onto cookie sheets…
6. Once placed, go back and roll into balls as pictured…
7. …they do spread, so do not make them too big.  The ones pictured were the first batch and they were too big 🙂 🙂  Partially because they spread, and also because they’re so rich and dense (in a good way), the cookies did not need to be that large.
8.  Bake on 300 until golden brown… approximately 30 min.
9. Take out to cool…
10. Once cooled, they freeze well in freezer bags!!

Optional: For additional fat, drizzle with Organic Olive Oil!

Servings: approximately 58 cookies

Macro Breakdown:
Total calories: 166
Protein 2g
Fat 17g
Carbs 4.1g
Net Carbs 3.5g
Fiber .5g




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