How to Lose Fat on a Carnivore Diet

The question of how to lose fat on a Carnivore Diet is both super common as well as very controversial! There are a lot of fat loss mistakes that are made. And quite frankly, I see these mistakes made on a Carnivore Diet, on a Keto Diet as well as many other kind of “diets.” I do believe in a structured approach to be successful on various ways of eating, though I don’t believe in getting stuck in the dogma of diet mentality!

I’ve personally been successful at losing fat on both a meat based Keto Diet as well as Carnivore Diet. I’ve also helped hundreds of clients truly learn how to lose fat on a Carnivore Diet. And, Keto and Ketovore as well! If you’ve never heard the term “Ketovore,” that’s ok, you’re not alone! This is basically an almost Carnivore Diet approach to Keto. So, here are the top most controversial fat loss mistakes I’ve seen in my practice over the last 14+ years.

Failure to Correctly Address Hunger Hormone Imbalance!

Leptin and Ghrelin balance are key to weight loss and learning how to lose fat on a Carnivore Diet. Most of the clients I’ve worked with, myself included when I first started my personal journey 15 year ago, have a “full function” that is BROKE AF. So telling someone like this to “eat until you’re full/ stuffed” can be a HUGE set up. Tracking with the intention to get to intuitive eating is the best solution for this. Unpopular opinion, I know. But that’s ok because you’ll learn soon that I have a lot of them.

Dietary Protein Deficiency

I know this is all the rage. And, I’ll never stop talking about this. The thing is this doesn’t necessarily mean increase protein and decrease fat. It’s a balance and I think the whole protein sparing modified fast approach can be detrimental depending on the person. See, I told you I had a lot of unpopular opinions. Anyway, when the goal is rebalancing hormones, if we don’t eat enough fat, we’re basically running an uphill marathon. When carbs are low, or even zero carb for that matter, energy has to come from somewhere. And since our goal is to use fat for fuel, decreasing fat too much is highly problematic! Eat fat to lose fat is really a thing.

Incorrect Training

Lack of movement, and more so, lack of the right movement can negatively affect fat loss results. I see this thrown around a lot: “Cardio spikes cortisol.” Yes, it does. And, you must look at this in the context of the individual person. Although cardio itself might not be “bad” for everyone, keep in mind that building muscle via the right approach to resistance training has multiple benefits related to hormones, faster metabolism and more. Also, keep in mind that one can get “cardio” from a well designed resistance training program. So if your program is designed properly, it’s like the best of both worlds! This is something that first is not one size fits all, and second, I work specifically on with all of my clients. CLICK HERE to check out just some of the success stories from the hundreds of clients that I’ve worked with! And CLICK HERE to check out the new “Equestrian’s Time Crunch Fitness Guide” I just released!! ((Yes, it is geared towards Equestrians, but anyone can benefit from the top strategies and workouts I’ve included!))


I already know what you’re thinking… “Obvious.” But if 1. you’re trying something that isn’t truly adaptable or 2. you don’t have an actual system to implement it, this will just perpetuate the YOYO cycle; even on Carnivore, Keto, LCHF, or whatever. Create a system that ensures that you have the step by step tools for success, so when the going gets tough, you won’t exit stage left <—

Another “thing” I see often is the criticizing of being creative with food on a Carnivore Diet since the Carnivore Diet is technically supposed to be a super simplistic way of eating. And yes, eating a meat based diet is super simplistic. But I disagree with not having variety and being creative in all of the different ways that you can eat meat!

Careless “CHEAT” Meals

I know, another “obvious” one, right?! Not necessarily. Here goes another one of my unpopular opinions. The hard truth is that the “80/20,” rule or my preference is the “90/10,” rule only applies *after* you’ve transformed your eating habits, lifestyle and your body. Adding refined foods back in, even for one meal of pleasure, just creates a lot of metabolic confusion and it will definitely affect your results if your goal is to truly figure out how to lose fat on a Carnivore Diet!

BONUS: Hormones and Menstrual Cycle

Ignoring this is a huge mistake. I often see women doing the Keto Diet and the Carnivore Diet for MEN! The fact is that ideal protein and fat Macronutrient needs can change based on the female menstrual cycle. Men have a daily 24 hour rhythm, which we as women have too. But we also have a 28-ish day cycle as well with 4 phases where things can change quickly. So, the right adjustments, during the right phases, are key to manage blood sugar, energy, sleep and more! They’re also key if your goal is to determine the right way to discover how to lose fat on a Carnivore Diet.

I hope this blog post on how to lose fat on a Carnivore Diet has been helpful. If you have questions, or you’re simply ready to stop the guesswork to get REAL RESULTS, CLICK HERE to set up a quick Discovery Call. Let’s see if it’s a fit to work together!