One-on-One coaching

Permanent results for individual goals, with a “Test don’t guess” approach to achieve optimal health!

This highly exclusive, 100% customized, one-on-one program is designed for women who feel like they’re doing everything “right” but can’t seem to figure out what is keeping them overweight, exhausted and STUCK! Alas, no more guesswork. You’ll learn the correct Macronutrient ratio of fat to protein and protein to fat, that your body needs to optimize hormones + metabolism for weight loss, fat loss and much more!

Our work together will include one-on-one virtual sessions, targeted functional testing and bloodwork, your customized Macro formula, individualized meal planning ideas, ideal fasting schedule, and private Q&A! As we dive in beyond nutrition, we’ll discover the root cause of additional symptoms through targeted functional testing and bloodwork, so we can uncover exactly what’s going on with your unique hormones, gut health, detoxification and more.

I’m here to guide you off the struggle bus and show you that you can eat more, weigh less and stop the food stress. Ditch the diet and the guesswork once and for all!

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Coaching + Real Results
in the following areas…

One-on-one personal Coaching With Dani

You’ll receive a customized plan, tailored protocols, and the top strategies you need to finally stop the guesswork!

Customized Macronutrient Formula + Ratios!

Cyclical Macronutrient approach for sustainable weight loss + fat loss.

Stop the hunger, cravings and energy crashes.

Rebalance your body from the inside out to eliminate hunger, cravings, fatigue and more!

Optimize your hormones and metabolism!

Increase energy, burn fat, and finally sleep soundly!

Ideal Body Composition.

Top strategies to increase muscle mass, strength and performance while decreasing body fat at the same time!

Rebalance hormones to burn fat, beat bloat and sleep better!

It’s time to finally burn fat + beat bloat! Rebalance conditions like PCOS, thyroid imbalances or infertility, that have plagued you for years!

Eliminate the Digestive Issues.

Say goodbye to bloating, gas, constipation, anxiety, depression, and more that are slowing you down.

Feel comfortable in your skin!

Ditch the low energy, weight loss resistance, low libido, insomnia, hot flashes and night sweats once and for all!

ALL of this and SO much more!

The beauty of this one-on-one program is it is completely customized to your unique body and metabolism, with functional testing, nutraceutical protocols, and more. The best part? I’m here to support you every step of the way!


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How do you know the One-on-One coaching
is right for you?

  • You’re looking for a trusted + experienced Practitioner and Coach to guide you through removing the guesswork, confusion and misinformation once and for all!
  • You want to shed the extra pounds, yet you’re tired of feeling ashamed for having weight loss + fat loss goals because you have things to “heal” first.
  • You’re tired of wasting time, energy and money on programs with empty promises and/ or a minimal amount of lasting results.
  • You’re exhausted from trying to figure it out on your own; and just tired of the struggle.
  • Your body and mind cannot handle yet another failed attempt.
  • You don’t want to settle for this version of your body, energy, and health for the rest of your life.
  • You understand there are no quick fixes, though you need REAL answers fast, like yesterday!
  • You know something is not right, even though your doctor or other health practitioners have told you things are “normal.”
  • You believe that “test don’t guess” is the best way to really figure out what is happening in YOUR body.
  • You’re tired of taking long lists of supplements with absolutely NO END in sight!
  • You’re ready to stop starving and start living!!

What my clients say about working with me


“I’m excited to report that my clothes are fitting better… pants down another ½ size and even my underwear and bras are loose. Get this, my doctor noticed my weight loss! Also, hair loss has slowed down tremendously. Still working at things though I’m feeling really good about this!”
T.W., Washington
“I’m doing well! Still holding at the weight loss of almost 15 lbs. So many things are much improved. I know I’m still healing which is fine. In other news, I had my first “O” in 12 years!! If that’s not progress, I don’t know what is!!”
D.J. Wisconsin
“Suddenly the scale has dropped 5 lbs.!!! I’ve been stuck for MONTHS. Not one thing has changed but the addition of the entire protocol for Phase One. Surely that is not a coincidence. Macros the same, level of activity the same, water intake and sleep the same, level of stress – all the same. So the full protocol being on-board...
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S.H. Kansas

Real Talk

I’m not for everyone and neither are my programs. You may think that sounds a little harsh. Well, it’s quite simple. You have to be ready to do the real work! And it’s ok to “not be ready.”

But… If you are ready to do what works for weight loss, wellness and long term health, I am confident that I will get you there through my comprehensive, results-driven approach. No fluff, just pure strategies that work!

So? Are you ready?

Still have questions or reservations?

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in yourself is an important one!

Maybe you’ve just started following me. Maybe you’ve invested in so many things that haven’t worked, you just don’t know what to believe anymore. I can tell you that I’m more than *just* the average “health coach” and my qualifications as a Board Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, along with various other certifications in functional nutrition and functional medicine, separate the guidance that I can offer you throughout this program (and in my practice) from any other general “health coaches” out there.

And even more importantly, I genuinely care. I advocate for all of my clients’ health with the same commitment, strategy, and passion that I do for my own.

If you’re looking for the support of a Functional Practitioner that brings heart and strategy to your weight loss and health journey, I’d love to support you.


Let’s do this!

This is your time to harness my years of experience, take back your power, and turn your frustration into fuel so you can fiercely step into the sexy, strong, confident, and healthy woman you were meant to be!