Kind words and wonderful results from my clients.

"I met Dani about 9 months after I went carnivore. The minute I met here I knew I needed to work with her if I was ever going to heal 100 percent. After listening to her info-stories and videos, I knew there was more wrong with me than carnivore alone could fix. I started with a Jump Start session and was immediately impressed. I knew she was my people. She had recommendations from the start. She understood about my adrenal issues, knew exactly what I needed to do, and made recommendations to support them. Dani completely understood my need to be off my medications and completely healed. She made no outlandish promises and explained my journey might be a long one. She made some adjustments immediately to my nutrition and suggested testing to get to the root cause of my issues. I thought I was going to need literally every program she had to offer, but she zeroed in on exactly what I needed and off we went on our ride together. I did hormone, stool, blood, and urine testing. She went over all my results and made sure I understood them all. She even made time for me when I needed someone to talk me off the ledge after an awful doctors appointment. To date, I have lost a few pounds, had significant fat loss; I am back at the gym; I have amazing energy; I am off my medications and the most amazing thing that has happened is MY ADRENALS ARE HEALED. I never thought I would be where I am today, and honestly without Dani’s guidance, support, funny personality, warmth, and her cheering me on every step of the way, I might not be where I am. I still have work to do, but Dani and I are in it to win it. ”

~ Donna

"Dani, you have given me my life back. Hiring you was the smartest money I ever spent! I have finally lost the stubborn weight that would not budge. In addition, the strategies gained from not only your online program, but the one on one sessions and coaching, with functional testing for my hormones and digestion, along with the direction you’ve given me based on MY OWN BODY, are priceless. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!”

~ Julie

“My breeches fit SO much better! I’m down 12 lbs. and A LOT of inches. No more cravings and I’m no longer starving and hangry all day long. I’m finally sleeping soundly, and most importantly, I’m stronger in the saddle than Ive EVER been! Dani, thank you for getting me back on track with proper eating to support my crazy, active life!”

~ Merrin

“Thank you for making such a huge impact on my health. I feel amazing and in total have lost 21 pounds, 2 inches off my chest and 3 inches off of my waist and hips. I’ve been dry brushing and my skin has lost the dry, scaly texture it had for so long. I am continuing with the Liquid Collagen and CLA-Collagen combo for awhile to see how I do. I have stopped tracking and I am still maintaining my weight! I am holding myself accountable so far for my food intake and my exercise. Thank you so much for all the support!!!!”

~ Elizabeth

“I’ve been doing Dani’s challenges for three months and I love them. It’s a real approach - not a gimmick. I’ve lost 23 pounds and a total of 8 inches which I have not done on any other program. And I’ve done a lot of them! The support, accountability, knowledge, coaching and exercise encouragement are life changing in how Dani puts together her knowledge, expertise and guidance on hormones, and tons more, for our individual bodies. Thank you Dani, I’m so grateful!”

~ Joan

“I’m so excited, I’m down 17 lbs after being unable to lose the baby I had gained from my 2nd pregnancy. I was extremely frustrated because as a Hunter Jumper trainer, physical activity is part of my job. It definitely was not a lack of exercise as I ride 8 – 10 horses on most days of the week. I am also on my feet nonstop; walking, moving jumps, etc. When I met Dani she told me about her program and it kinda made sense but I didn’t know if it would really work. She adjusted my nutrition, and we tested hormones so she could see exactly what my metabolism is doing as well as what imbalance of hormones I have. I did the natural herbal supplement program that Dani recommended for me based on my lab numbers. She told me we needed to get my numbers back down so I can start burning fat again. She was totally right! Within a few months I began losing weight; and voila, 17 lbs gone!. I’m no longer exhausted at the end of the day, my breeches fit WAYYYY better and and I’m thrilled because I’m lower than my pre-pregnancy weight!”

~ Heather

“Dani, with your help I was able to get in the best shape of my life which prepared my body for pregnancy. And, because of your nutritional guidance, I was able to get back into my pre-pregnancy body just 6 months post-pardum! I honestly am beyond thankful!”

~ Negin

“I have struggled my entire life with food addiction and weight. I’m excited to report that with Carnivore, your guidance and testing to find my root cause, I have been able to lose 80 lbs., find energy, EAT to feed my body what it needs by INCREASING calories, lose inflammation, eliminate hip arthritis pain, eliminate headaches, get up off the floor and have regular bowel movements without laxatives; and most importantly, TAKE BACK MY LIFE!! I have been on a restricted diet since I was 10 years old. At one point from age 17-20 I suffered from Anorexia. Thank you Dani!! I don’t feel I would have been successful without your help. I want every woman struggling with these issues to know that there is hope! And definitely use your motto of “test don’t guess!” I felt like I had tried everything and was doomed to be over weight and underfed my whole life. But here I am feeling better than I have in years. If you’re reading this and on the fence, reach out to Dani ASAP!”

~ Kathryn

“I’ve lost 75 lbs. in less than 12 months, after being on strict Keto *the right way* thanks to Dani! My numbers are great, I’ve been taken off meds, I no longer have trouble sleeping, and I’ve added much heavier weights to my workout routine. I’ve been able to build muscle and increase my strength, endurance and overall performance more than I thought would ever be possible. There’s SO much misinformation out there; I could not have done this without Dani. I’m forever grateful!!”

~ Kerri

“Soon after Dani came into my life as an equestrian client, I started gathering keto info, tips and tools from her social media posts. I had been carb free (meaning I didn’t eat bread, pasta, etc) and dairy free for a long time and I was eating a lot of fruit (sugar)… all because I thought that was healthy. I started adjusting what I was eating based on her social media posts. I had my first one-on-one with Dani 3 months ago. This is when we really dialed it in and I started to really understand keto. She customized my plan to fit my equestrian lifestyle and my likes. I like to eat as soon as I get up and I like to eat every few hours. She gave me food recommendation so I could change up what I was eating. I love her approach and program. I love eating dairy again. I love having more variety of what I can eat in my life. The app she recommended me to use was incredibly helpful and educational. I’m not in the habit of reading labels, so I had no idea that there are carbs in meats. There’s pretty much carbs in everything, who knew?? Having been on keto for sometime now, I know it’s for me. I have lots of energy, my body feels lean and strong and I feel satisfied with what I’m eating. I do not do keto perfectly, but what I’m doing works for me. I can get more strict after a cheat day if I need to and if I’m riding or working out a ton I might increase my portions a bit. Every day can be tweaked to what I’m feeling. Thank you Dani for helping me take my nutrition to the next level. I know I’m a better equestrian athlete when I’m at my strongest.”

~ Sami

"After diligently following Dani's recommendations, I lost weight, improved my overall health, and about a year and a half later we conceived our baby girl! Dani truly helped our dreams come true! We had been trying to conceive for about 5 years and after a devastating loss, we were hesitant to try again. We decided to meet with Dani at the recommendation of a good friend. I felt confident with her client-tailored approach. She made me feel at ease with the program – explaining the steps we needed to take and answering all our questions. Meeting with Dani gave us hope again! She customized a supplement and diet plan based on my health needs. Dani is an outstanding Health Practitioner; professional, resourceful, knowledgeable, and caring – and I would refer her to anyone!"

~ Norma

“Thank you again Dani for all your help. It’s awesome to feel healthy; I didn’t even know that I could! I went to spin class tonight and for the first time in so long, I felt good while I worked out! I also feel better in general after changing the way I eat. I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time!”

~ Jackie

“I feel great! I’m fairly certain I was starving my body before learning what my body needs exactly with my Macros. You’ve given me such amazing information, thank you!”

~ Blaire

“Between your customized nutrition program and your supplement recommendations, I’m finally sleeping without sleeping pills! First time I’ve slept without them in 2 1/2 years; and it’s been about 3 weeks. I actually get tired at night and sleep a full 8 hours in a row. I’m so grateful! You’re a miracle worker!”

~ Amber


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