Changing Lives Everyday!

“My breeches fit SO much better!  I’m down 12 lbs. and A LOT of inches.  No more cravings and I’m no longer starving and hangry all day long.  I’m finally sleeping soundly, and most importantly, I’m stronger in the saddle than Ive EVER been!  Dani, thank you for getting me back on track with proper eating to support my crazy, active life!”
~Merrin (Sacramento, CA)


“Soon after Dani came into my life as an equestrian client, I started gathering keto info, tips and tools from her social media posts.  I had been carb free (meaning I didn’t eat bread, pasta, etc) and dairy free for a long time and I was eating a lot of fruit (sugar)… all because I thought that was healthy.  I started adjusting what I was eating based on her social media posts.  I had my first one-on-one with Dani 3 months ago.  This is when we really dialed it in and I started to really understand keto.  She customized my plan to fit my equestrian lifestyle and my likes.  I like to eat as soon as I get up and I like to eat every few hours.  She gave me food recommendation so I could change up what I was eating.  I love her approach and program.  I love eating dairy again.  I love having more variety of what I can eat in my life.  The app she recommended me to use was incredibly helpful and educational.  I’m not in the habit of reading labels, so I had no idea that there are carbs in meats.  There’s pretty much carbs in everything, who knew??  Having been on keto for sometime now, I know it’s for me.  I have lots of energy, my body feels lean and strong and I feel satisfied with what I’m eating.  I do not do keto perfectly, but what I’m doing works for me.  I can get more strict after a cheat day if I need to and if I’m riding or working out a ton I might increase my portions a bit.  Every day can be tweaked to what I’m feeling.  Thank you Dani for helping me take my nutrition to the next level.  I know I’m a better equestrian athlete when I’m at my strongest.”
~Sami Milo, Hunter Jumper Trainer, International Derby Rider (Sacramento, CA)


“I’ve lost 75 lbs. in less than 12 months, after being on strict Keto *the right way* thanks to Dani!  My numbers are great, I’ve been taken off meds, I no longer have trouble sleeping, and I’ve added much heavier weights to my workout routine.  I’ve been able to build muscle and increase my strength, endurance and overall performance more than I thought would ever be possible.  There’s SO much misinformation out there; I could not have done this without Dani.  I’m forever grateful!!”
-Kerri B. (Long Island, NY)

“I’m so excited, I’m down 17 lbs after being unable to lose the baby I had gained from my 2nd pregnancy.  I was extremely frustrated because as a Hunter Jumper trainer, physical activity is part of my job.  It definitely was not a lack of exercise as I ride 8 – 10 horses on most days of the week.  I am also on my feet nonstop; walking, moving jumps, etc.  When I met Dani she told me about her program and it kinda made sense but I didn’t know if it would really work.  She adjusted my nutrition, and we tested hormones so she could see exactly what my metabolism is doing as well as what imbalance of hormones I have.  I did the natural herbal supplement program that Dani recommended for me based on my lab numbers.  She told me we needed to get my numbers back down so I can start burning fat again.  She was totally right!  Within a few months I began losing weight; and voila, 17 lbs gone!.  I’m no longer exhausted at the end of the day, my breeches fit WAYYYY better and and I’m thrilled because I’m lower than my pre-pregnancy weight!”
~Heather  (Sacramento, CA)


“Dani, with your help I was able to get in the best shape of my life which prepared my body for pregnancy.  And, because of your nutritional guidance, I was able to get back into my pre-pregnancy body just 6 months post pardum!  I honestly am beyond thankful!”
~Negin L. (Sacramento, CA)


“Thank you again Dani for all your help.  It’s awesome to feel healthy; I didn’t even know that I could!  I went to spin class tonight and for the first time in so long, I felt good while I worked out!  I also feel better in general after changing the way I eat.  I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time!”

Jackie C.
Orangevale, CA


“I feel great!  I’m fairly certain I was starving my body before learning what my body needs exactly with my Macros.  You’ve given me such amazing information, thank you!”



“Between your program and ketones, I’m finally sleeping without sleeping pills!  First time I’ve slept without them in 2 1/2 years; and it’s been about 3 weeks.  I actually get tired at night and sleep a full 8 hours in a row.  I’m so grateful!  You’re a miracle worker!”

Amber Lintz
Sacramento, CA


“Thank you so much for all your help, it has changed our lives for the best and we are so grateful for your part in it.  …We had been trying to conceive for about 5 years and after a devastating loss, we were hesitant to try again but decided to meet with Dani.  She made me feel at ease with her program explaining the steps we needed to take as well as answering all our questions.  Meeting with her gave us hope again.  She customized a supplement and diet plan based on my health needs.  After diligently following her recommendations, I lost weight, my overall health improved and about a year and a half later we conceived our baby girl. She is an outstanding Health Practitioner; professional, resourceful, knowledgeable, and caring and I would refer her to anyone!”

Norma S.
Modesto, CA

“Many years of dieting, exercise obsession and eating disorders were a big part of my life.  While I always thought I ate good foods and led a healthy lifestyle, after meeting Dani at one of her workshops, things started to resonate with me.   Looking back, I lived by restricting fat, calories and certain food groups, thinking that was the healthy way to live and lose weight.

Dani opened my eyes to what I needed to fuel my body to feel my best.   I no longer deal with nausea or being light-headed because I burned through what I ate way too quickly.  It is also so freeing not to count calories any longer and truly enjoy great-tasting food!

It is so empowering to have the knowledge that I have gained.  I had some nice movement on the scale as well — I feel like I am fueling my body in the right way!  I am enjoying my new lifestyle much more than my old ways.”

Melissa G.
Lincoln, CA


“I’ve lost 10 lbs. and all of my clothes are big on me!”
~J.L. (Roseville, CA)


“We’re a few weeks into the 7 week program now.  I’ve dealt with some pretty bad PMS and chronic anxiety my whole life.  BOTH of which I’ve noticed a major decrease in.  Thank you Dani!”

Long Beach, CA


“I’m down almost 2% body fat and I love my new, customized formula and meal plan!”

Loomis, CA


“Very excited to report that only 2 weeks into the program, I’m down 5 lbs. at my doctor’s appointment.  More importantly, I’m having less hot flashes, better sleep and overall I’m excited about the improvements in my overall health!”

Roseville, CA


“I am at my body fat goal and have gained more knowledge about nutrition than I expected!

…To my surprise I was told I actually needed to eat more meat (even steak) and fat (mmm, bacon). After a couple months of meeting with Dani my stomach was still having bad reactions to food so I decided to have a food sensitivity test done.  After I removed all my sensitive foods from my [daily] intake, I began sleeping better, had the same energy level throughout the day, was capable of performing more difficult exercise routines, was no longer having ravenous chocolate cravings, and my stomach was back to normal.  By normal I mean that it was no longer distended to the point I could not see my feet. On average my stomach would grow about 6” after most meals. Not only did I find this unflattering, it was painful and restricted me from wearing a majority of clothing.  I lost 3% body fat in about 6 weeks.  My weight dropped about 7 lbs as well and I am at my body fat goal!”     ~Amber L., Personal Trainer (Sacramento, CA)

“Since working with Dani I have lost 62 pounds, and going strong.  





Meeting with Dani regularly has been the critical step towards transforming my health and getting my body back!  My primary reason for seeking out Dani’s help, was that at 38 years of age, I felt I was losing and endless battle to lose weight.  My weight has been ratcheted upwards for all of my adult life, despite my attempts to eat what I thought was “healthy.”  I tried to control my appetite, though I always felt always hungry,  and I would exercise regularly, without any real results.  It was a lot like learning a new language at first, but with Dani’s guidance, these weight loss solutions are so simple.  I am feeling better.  I have more energy.  I feel I am in more in control with my eating. I am not hungry all the time. My emotions are more regular.   My skin is more radiant and clear; people who I haven’t seen in a while say I look 10 years younger. My friends who I see regularly say I am melting away right in front of them. My husband says I am like the girl he met when we met. It has been a wonderful transformation!”     ~Michelle K. (Rocklin, CA)

“Love your ideas; you are probably the only person that my wife and I would listen to unconditionally!  It cracks me up how simple it gets after working with you.”     ~Ryan K., Owner of Gut Check Fitness, Sacramento

“My results have been truly amazing!!!  

…I just wanted to let you know how much you have changed my life in such a short amount of time!  Since I have been following the metabolic diet, and eliminating the foods I’m intolerant to, the following things have changed……..I have way more energy, my skin has cleared up, I’m not retaining any water, I can sleep much better, I have never had one stomach ache, my weight has been stable, and I have lost all cravings for sweets!  If I had any idea this was even possible, I would have done this a long time ago.  You’re Sacramento nutrition practice really does work, and I can’t wait to see what my future holds the longer I continue to follow your recommendations!  Thanks so much for everything!”     ~Allison H. (Roseville, CA)

“I sleep soundly and feel rested!

…Heart racing and on the verge of panic attacks… I didn’t know what was wrong with me.   …I felt as though my body was never rested.  It interfered with my sleep; I would be so tired, but if I didn’t fall asleep before 10pm, I could not go to sleep.  My chiropractor said I had adrenal failure…”adrenal what?” I said.  I didn’t know what to do, but I did know that as a 33 year old woman, I had never experienced this before and that this was not life or how I should feel.

I searched online and was so fortunate to have found Dani’s website.  I called her right away and she answered the first time.  I told her what I was experiencing and she assured me I was not crazy and that yes, there was something going on that she could help with.  I made an appointment, took a saliva test and met with Dani as soon as possible.  Her calmness and understanding to my needs was priority and I trusted her right away.  She is a byproduct of her business and it immediately shows, which was nice to see.

After 3 weeks, like she said it would take, I was feeling better.  I am four months into her protocol recommendations and I have amazing days where I cannot wait to wake up.  I sleep soundly and feel rested.  If you feel overwhelmed with today’s craziness of work, keeping up with kiddos; not thriving, but surviving… speak to Dani.  She helps get diet in order first (which is the priority…too much sugar is not good!!) while focusing on natural supplementation that can help…(not PILLS or Anti-depressants!)  She will give you the guidance you need and help you get back on your feet!”
~Malissa B. (Owner/ Coach Crossfit Elk Grove)

“I’ve just barely started and I’m already down 4 lbs! I haven’t lost weight in MONTHS.  I’m so excited to continue getting the results I’ve been working so hard for!!”
~C.M. (Newcastle, CA)

“I have lost about 15 lbs. and I don’t have the cravings for sweets and carbs like I did before!  

Kellie_weight-loss-after-141x300…Dani is easy to talk to; she gave me concrete information and guidance for changing my ways of eating and dealing with my struggles.   The test results were wonderful because they gave me a concrete way to focus my attention/energy/ awareness as I was striving towards better health and nutrition.  I received so much more than just a food plan.  I had a very hard time waking up in the morning –  felt like I was getting “old”, achy, creaking bones and ligaments.  Very stiff.  NOW I pop out of bed, refreshed, ready for the day, with high energy, and no stiffness at all.  I didn’t sleep well at night and was up a few times each night.  NOW I sleep the night through and rarely even get up.  I also had such low energy all the time, but especially between 3-4pm.  Very sluggish.  NOW my energy levels are finally even; I can keep going all day long and my energy doesn’t crash.  I was so moody and my moods would jump all over the place.  I would get cranky easily and anger quickly.  I had my hormone level tested with my GP and everything came back “normal” but I could feel things were not right.  This holistic testing finally gave me some real answers.  As a result, my moods are stable; I am patient, mellow, less anxious, and able to deal with life much better.”     ~Kellie B. (Loomis, CA)

“I’m doing great….lost some weight – I have a defined waist!!!  Clothes are looser, energy is steady. Getting compliments!!!!  I can definitely feel the consequences when straying from eating for my body.”
~Denise M. (Rocklin, CA)

 “Stronger everyday!


…my starting weight was 161 and 28-30% body fat and today I’m 148, 25% body fat with more muscle!! I’m stronger than I was when I had a personal trainer at the gym 3 days weekly and rode my horse the other days. I’m 39, recovering better with more energy than I’ve ever had. Not to mention the disappearance of my pet allergies; as well as the disappearance of my severe back pain that resulted from inflammation related to food sensitivities.  I’m noticing some good changes with my appetite as well.  Thank you; this stuff really works!”     ~Wendy P. (San Diego, CA)

“Thanks for the Whole foods tour today
– I do feel more enlightened and will be more confident when I go shopping next time.  Love all the new healthy options I never considered before.  I’m encouraged.”
~Sharon W. (Roseville, CA)

Spencer & Stone (8 yrs.)

spencerstone-150x150Primary Complaints: Mood swing outbursts, negative behavior, always hungry – never satisfied or feeling like they were getting enough food.

“The information Dani has taught me has empowered me as a parent.  Being able to teach my children about food and what to eat has helped them make huge strides especially since one of my sons is Autistic.  It has made it easier to get their cooperation which has made the parenting part seamless.  My boys know that when they eat something their body will react positively or negatively and they know that if they’re hungry after meals they did not make the right choices.  From Dani’s guidance, I’ve also been able to teach them about food labels.  They know that what they put in their body can change their behavior, their thought patterns/ brain function, digestive system and every way that they act.  I’d say this is pretty good for 8 years old!!”
~Roxanne V. (Ojai, CA)

“I have received a tremendous amount of information and assistance while working with Dani at Nutrition the Natural Way.  The individualized nutrition and lifestyle approach that Dani uses has truly made a difference in my life.  I have noticed increased workout endurance and faster recovery, a major reduction with hot flashes and joint pain, more energy and my sleep patterns have improved.  I also no longer have a weird heart rhythm that used to happen when I push myself “to the limit” cardio-vascularly.  Thanks so much for the many tools as well as for teaching me how to function at a high level – I believe that I can now maintain that!  Warmest wishes….”
~Deb (Folsom, CA)

“I was curious if my body was working as optimally as it could.

…I had a few minor symptoms that were inconveniences in my busy life so I consulted with Sacramento CA Nutritionist Dani Conway to investigate. Always interested in health and wellness and reading about the topic regularly, I was surprised at how much I didn’t know about my own body and how much the proper food and nutrition could affect me. With some testing and some implementations of a few supplements and diet changes I have seen marked improvements in my energy level and overall well being. I would highly recommend Dani at Nutrition the Natural Way to anyone that is seeking answers to ailments that western medicine cannot give or to those, like myself, who need a tune-up.”     ~Monica G. (Roseville, CA)

“I was at my wits end!  I couldn’t lose weight, even after trying several other weight loss programs and jogging regularly.  I felt tired all the time, I had stomach problems and worst, my self-esteem had hit rock bottom.  I had carried extra weight resulting from both of my pregnancies.  —  Dani is highly knowledgeable.  She asked me many questions at our first meeting.  Once I began following the recommendations for my body, I was on my way to feeling better.  I discovered the foods that made me feel sleepy, sluggish and irritating to my stomach.  Once I ceased consuming these foods, I felt like a new person.  I am still on my journey to weight loss and it won’t be long before I will feel the best I have ever felt.  Thank you Dani for your wisdom, knowledge and experience in guiding me on this life long journey of healthy eating.”
~Ann Marie (Rocklin, CA)

“This healthy weight loss plan and new lifestyle is totally working for both of us even though I’ve been somewhat distracted with work.  I’m down 5% body fat in 3 weeks, and generally feel great despite some sporadic low feelings when I don’t eat enough protein.  My wife is doing great too.”
~Dave (Sacramento, CA)

“My experience so far has been awesome! Sacramento CA Nutritionist Dani Conway of Nutrition the Natural Way and her program have helped me change my lifestyle for the better and the transformation has been great.  My primary complaints WERE overweight, tired, depressed and chronic pain.  I have done all of the body testing which has proven to be very helpful in my weight loss and overall health.  Ionized water has been a huge part of my body balancing program as well.  The information Dani provides is clear and concise and she only gives you what you need and doesn’t overwhelm you with too much too fast.

Fatigue and depression – I now have my energy back and I am much more productive with my home life and work.  I also am more mentally clear.  Weight loss – I have lost 47 pounds so far and continue to lose 1-2 pounds per week with Dani’s great coaching and follow-up.

Dani at Nutrition the Natural Way has exceeded my expectations. I am a Registered Nurse in the medical field and have taken nutrition but Dani has taught me so much in a short amount of time.  I’ve received results that far exceed anything else I’ve ever done.  She individualized the program to “ME” and what works for my body type and life.  I had no idea how much empowerment it would give me over my health and I feel so great mentally and physically.  Thanks for all of your help!”     ~Wendy Johnson, R.N. (Roseville, CA)

“I can’t begin to explain the difference in how I feel after working with Dani for just over a month!  I have more energy, am less cranky and I’m having lots more FUN!  I managed to lose 5 pounds over the holidays which I have never done!  I thought it would be a struggle to eat this way and it’s been very easy.  I feel satisfied and almost never crave more food.  And I know what to eat now when I go out which is big for me.  I don’t have to ‘cheat’ just because I’m eating away from home.  Dani has taught me a lot about my body and what it needs and for the first time I feel like I have control over food instead of it having control over me.  Plus she doesn’t make me eat a bunch of ‘diet foods’ I don’t like.  I’m really looking forward to this journey, not just towards weight loss, but towards a healthy body and life.”     ~Shen Medeck (Cameron Park, CA)

“I have been treated with professionalism throughout.  Being in the U.K. we use email a lot outside of regular phone sessions!  I have had replies to every email I have sent and I feel that I am being taken care of by someone who wants me to achieve my goals rather than someone who is doing it for reward.  Everything I have spent has been discussed prior to payment therefore I know how much the costs are going to be.  The results from the investment have definitely been worth the expenditure and I am only a couple of weeks into the supplement protocol.  The results are more than you could imagine.  I have taken the GI Pathogen, Functional Adrenal, Toxicity and Organix tests.  I tried balancing myself with guesswork before working with Dani which helped slowly and was financially tiring. Without these I would be swimming upstream.  I am moving towards my goals; some changes are slow and some have been quick.  I will continue using this until I am feeling vital, healthy and balanced.  My energy is a lot better and I have lost some abdominal and tricep fat as well.  I haven’t felt any itching for the last few days and the coating on my tongue is looking the best I have ever seen it.  All of the information sheets Dani gave me were helpful; I knew a majority of what was being asked of me before it happened.  I am a conforming client!  All of my expectations have been met and exceeded.  I have never had a nutrition/ fitness professional spend the time on these types of programs as Dani has.  Thank you so much.”     ~Ben Carpenter, Personal Trainer (United Kingdom)