Weight Loss Accelerator Program

Have you ever wondered why it seems so easy for some midlife women over 40 to drop the weight and stay fit and energized?! And then you feel like you do the same things that they do, or, you do what has worked for you before… AND NOTHING BUDGES. Well, you’re not alone! Hundreds of my women clients have been in your same shoes before working with me! If you’re ready to find the real solutions that work to improve weight loss results, sleep patterns, energy, mood and more, then this is for YOU!

It’s finally time to do something for yourself that will completely UP LEVEL your low carb, Keto or Carnivore results! Over the last almost two decades I have helped thousands of midlife women ditch the diet mentality to finally lose and gain the energy they need to stop starving and start living. One avenue for that is my Weight Loss Accelerator Program, and this page will give you the information you need to decide if this is for you!

Client S.M., from my last group, says, “After finally learning exactly what my body needs at 43 years old, acne is GONE, I’m 100% OFF anxiety meds AND I’m down 10 lbs!”

SUMMER PROGRAM 2024… Weight Loss Accelerator … We begin JULY 14th!
Fall… New Program Release!
Holidays!! Accelerate Your RESULTS! Starts 12/1

You can CLICK HERE to register for Summer 2024 OR, if you’d like to be added to the Priority Registration List for the next program, feel free to email me with “Priority List” in the subject! If you’re still unsure, no worries… more details below.

If you’re just visiting for the first time, welcome!! I’m excited to connect with you…

Client T.S. shares… “14.7 pounds down…several inches lost. I’m learning to be patient and mastering being less conscious of what others are eating, or what they think about what I’m eating. It’s working!”

Some may know, and for those who don’t, I’ve been in practice almost 2 decades, and running group programs shortly after I took my practice fully online in 2015. I can confidently tell you that the feedback I receive on a consistent basis is that every time they get a little upgraded and updated!

A little recent history… I offered the Holiday Weight Loss Accelerator in December 2022 which was a HUGE success. A continuation in January 2023 that went great and since then, the Weight Loss Accelerator is here to stay! There will also be a next level, even more elite coaching program offered later in 2024.

So all of that to say, my promise to you is that if you give me 6-7 weeks, I’ll give you a no BS approach, with real midlife weight los and fat loss strategies that work + TONS more!

Client L.S. who has been stalled for a while says, “DOWN 5 LBS. THIS MONTH!!! Thanks for all of your help!”

Client E.S. from my last 8 week coaching group says, “I feel less bloated, flatter tummy, lost an inch on my waist AND hips; oh and the scale says I lost 8 lbs.!! Cravings are gone as well. Thank you for this Challenge!”

This Weight Loss Accelerator Program is for you IF:

~ You’re completely overwhelmed with all of the Keto and Carnivore Diet information out there.
~ You’re ready to find the right Macronutrient balance for your body + metabolism.
~ You’re confused about what the proper Carnivore Diet Meal & Macro Plan should look like.
~ You don’t want to realize Summer is over and you’re still STUCK in the same place.
~ You’re openly frustrated with differing approaches/ opinions not working.
~ You’re secretly frustrated when looking in the mirror.
~ You’d like to just eat intuitively but you don’t know how to start and/ or you have multiple failed attempts.
~ You’re ready to stop the inconsistencies, such as Fasting, that are STALLING your weight loss.
~ You continuously fall back into old food habits that you can’t seem to break.
~ You’re ready to create the discipline you need and stop relying on motivation to get you by.
~ You’re just tired of feeling uncomfortable in your skin!

Client S.C. says, “I love the accountability and encouragement that this group provides for me. I’m down 2 more lbs. this month, and I’m losing inches and building muscle! Lots of energy and feeling great!! Love you and your approach Dani!”

My approach is always “food first,” meaning you have to get the food right for everything else to be right! So, the effective steps and strategies I teach are the initial and foundational steps you need to truly balance hormones + create thriving gut health. They are the steps you need to rejuvenate your body from the inside out. So that you can finally ditch the diet mentality, lose the weight and gain the energy you need to stop starving and START LIVING!

These are the steps that many others out there are skipping. And this is why so many of you are not losing. LAST AND NOT LEAST, THESE ARE THE STEPS I TOOK, AND STILL TAKE DAILY, TO MAINTAIN MY SUCCESSFUL WEIGHT LOSS RESULTS!

Speaking of weight loss… what if you don’t have weight to lose though you’re trying to still rebalance hormones, sleep patterns, auto immune issues, digestive problems or?? This program would still be a fit for you! We will still work on dialing in what your body needs in order to heal from the inside out for these related imbalances.

What you’ll receive throughout the Weight Loss Accelerator Program:

> Customized Macros via the #UNdiet Fat Loss Formula for Keto OR Carnivore based on your body – your stats, activity level and much more. (this alone is a $499 value!

> Group + individual coaching via video sessions, 1-2 times weekly. ($1800 value)

> Additionally: Live Q&A Sessions as needed. ((NOTE: FB Live videos are posted for replays as soon as they are complete. Zoom calls are always recorded as well and posted in the group!))

… Session topics vary weekly which include and are not limited to:

~ Customized Macros – you’ll receive lifetime access to my #UNdiet Macro Formula!
~ Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes… And what to do instead!!
~ Break Through Exercise Fatigue with these Fat Burning Strategies!
~ Tackling Weight Loss Pitfalls with the Proper Detox + Fasting approach for YOU!
~ Strategies to correctly Cycle Food + Fasting for Cycling and Non Cycling Women. NO CARBS REQUIRED.
~ Real Digestion + Detox Solutions… that work to improve weight loss results, sleep patterns, energy, mood and more!
~ Metabolic Reset… find what’s right for you!
~ “Mindset Personalities” … the how and why we approach food the way we do – and what to do to change it!

We will also visit… Hormone Deep Dive, Supplements – helpful or hurtful?! BONUS information on understanding the real connections with adrenal + thyroid hormones, digestion, detoxification and more! ($3,000 value)

Weekly Macro Planner – with exact recommendations based on ideal Macros! ($999 value)

Multiple Weight Loss Accelerator Success PDF handouts ($200 value)

Client K.D. says, “Thank you for your holistic approach. Your class and PDFs are valuable for results.”

Weekly meal ideas, grocery list recommendations + meal structure guidance based on personal Macros. ($1600 value)

7 weeks of coaching, accountability + support in the private Weight Loss Accelerator FB group. (NOTE: this program will be centered in a private FB group, so if you’re uncomfortable using FB, it might not be for you. There are no other options at this time, and I’m unable to give guidance on how to navigate a FB group, etc. (SO WITH ALL DO RESPECT, PLEASE DO NOT JOIN IF YOU’RE NOT COMFORTABLE USING FB.)

Results based strategies, tips + hacks along the way. This is basically a midlife weight loss approach that works!

Client S.D. says, “I’m down 11 lbs. and some inches since we started, and there are still 2 weeks left to go!”

You’ll also have the opportunity to create long term connections with other women who are truly committed to getting their goals! 

Note: THERE IS NO BLOODWORK REQUIRED OR INCLUDED IN THIS PROGRAM. But stay tuned as the next level, elite group coaching program mentioned above will include bloodwork!

The Investment…

The regular investment for this 7 week program is $249. However!!! I typically offer an “Early Bird” savings for registration of $229!! Then the price will go up to $249. What you’ll receive throughout this program is well worth over $16,000. This IS the absolute most affordable 7 week program I’ve ever offered! And that you’ll find out there.

There are “influencers” charging $500 for *just* one session and it breaks my heart because I have people coming to me crying that they wasted their money, with nothing to show from it.

READY TO GO ALL IN?!???!! Click here to register!

Client C.M. says, “It was a good day as I am starting to feel some success with my health. Surprised to see I dropped nearly 9 lbs in 3 weeks. Very happy about that!”


THE MOST COMMON QUESTION I’VE RECEIVED… “I am confused… There are other online programs out there that are less than half the price. Why is this so expensive?”  Yes there are.

Ask yourself, “What is it worth for you to get UNstuck from your 6+ month weight loss stall?!”

There are also “influencers” charging in upwards of $500 for ONE, one hour session, and the client is not even walking away with a true strategy/ action plan for what they need to do to get real results. Qualifications matter as well.  Many of these “influencers” have hardly been coaching for longer than a year or two, if they even have a certification to be doing so. I have almost two decades in private practice, working with thousands of clients, both individually and running group coaching programs. 

Another Q: You said,  “IF you’re ready to find the right Macronutrient balance for your body + metabolism…”  That sounds pretty medically specific.  You mention a macro formula, but is there testing required for properly plugging into this accelerator program?  No testing required.  This is where I bring in some science and it just works 🙂

Q: Are supplements a thing you promote/ encourage and/ or discuss in the program? Well, I am a believer in supplementation.  I also believe that “food first always!”  So the food must be right for anything else to be right.  And just like you can’t out train a bad diet, you can’t out supplement one either 😉  Aside from just some basics, I also believe that supplement protocols should be carefully crafted, so to speak based on lab work and individual needs. So again, I might discuss the “basics” though I get more in-depth on this more with one on one clients.

Q: Do you have to track Macros to participate in the program? Absolutely not. While I have a completely different and diverse approach to Macros and tracking, it’s definitely not “required” per se!

Client S.C. says, “I did my final weight in for January. Down 2 more lbs. this month, so THAT’S A TOTAL OF 7 LBS. from the December and January groups. I also took my measurements again and I’ve lost a total of 5 inches!! I’m SO ecstatic!! I’ve always gained weight, let alone lost weight, over the holidays and I just can’t thank you enough. I can’t wait for March to see what happens next!!!!”

REAL TALK! I’m going to share here that I might not share elsewhere. I’ve shopped “groups and challenges.” Here has been a bit of my experience. Some have a fee and others that are claimed to be “free.” I’ve joined them. I’ve been on the zoom calls and consumed the information. A while back I even coached in one of the communities out there. There’s Q&A per se, with some decent information. But what’s truly missing is the individual strategy and accountability. They also end up not to be free. 

Next – I’ve shopped individual coaches as well. Even hired a few – for multiple reasons. I’m not ashamed to say that I believe it’s ok for coaches to have a coach. However, I’ve also been extremely disappointed in what I received compared to what was actually promised. At the cost of $399-599 MONTHLY. And that did not include any kind of testing, hormone information or anything beyond Macros and some workouts that turned out to be generic and not customized. So even if this is not for you, please be sure you’re getting what you’re being promised + paying for.

Speaking of… others out there are charging $350-599 PER INITIAL SESSION. This is the experience that has been shared with me from some clients who have been still left at a loss after this initial session.

What else… 6 month programs for 5k and annual programs for 10k. Nothing except Macros, workouts, maybe a signed book… And certainly no functional medicine testing included.

So all of that to say, I’m not for everyone and neither are my programs. And that’s ok. It’s also ok to simply “not be ready.”

And, if you still have questions or reservations? I totally get it. Maybe you’ve just started following me. Maybe you’ve done so many things that haven’t worked, you just don’t know what to believe anymore. I can tell you that I’m more than *just* the average “health coach” and my qualifications as a Board Certified Functional Practitioner, along with various other certifications in functional nutrition and functional medicine, separate the guidance that I can offer you throughout this program (and in my practice) than any others out there. If you haven’t seen this already, click here to review more about my journey, how I work with clients as well as my certifications!

Client B.L. says, “I recently noticed that I haven’t felt bloated in a while and my pants have been a bit looser. I got on the scale and I’ve lost 5 lbs. this month. YAY!! I was so stuck!! I have loved all of the great posts, encouragement, meal ideas, movement ideas, tips and strategies that have been shared. This program is worth more than its weight in gold!

If you’re ready to THRIVE, and not just survive.

If you’re ready for REAL RESULTS, this is for you! CLICK HERE for the next available program!

Looking forward to working with you!!!