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“I met Dani about 9 months after I went carnivore. The minute I met here I knew I needed to work with her if I was ever going to heal 100 percent. After listening to her info-stories and videos, I knew there was more wrong with me than carnivore alone could fix. I started with a Jump Start session and...
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“I have struggled my entire life with food addiction and weight. I’m excited to report that with Carnivore, your guidance and testing to find my root cause, I have been able to lose 80 lbs., find energy, EAT to feed my body what it needs by INCREASING calories, lose inflammation, eliminate hip arthritis pain, eliminate headaches, get up off the...
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“Things are going so well! My diarrhea is gone and my digestive health is SO much better since working with you and going through the testing and protocols. I have NO MORE GUT SYMPTOMS! I don’t even know how many years I’ve had them. I’ve also started strength training and I’m feeling stronger overall. I still have some fat to...
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C.F. Pennsylvania
“I’m excited to report that my clothes are fitting better… pants down another ½ size and even my underwear and bras are loose. Get this, my doctor noticed my weight loss! Also, hair loss has slowed down tremendously. Still working at things though I’m feeling really good about this!”
T.W., Washington
“SO many improvements!! Perfect pooping, seriously 5 minutes and done! This is amazing. Sleep has improved TONS. No more cold hands/ cold feet and I’m not wrapped in sweaters all the time. I walk barefoot in the house, and garage, with no issue. I also having had any bouts of anxiety in weeks. Libido is definitely better, so my husband loves your program too!!”
C.M. Utah
“After working with you in the group, I was able to get to my goal weight, get the right Macro balance; better sleep and more energy as well! Now I’m excited to continue eating intuitively and using the tools for cycling in order to maintain my body composition goals!”
C.L. California
“Dani, you have given me my life back. Hiring you was the smartest money I ever spent! I have finally lost the stubborn weight that would not budge. In addition, the strategies gained from not only your online program, but the one on one sessions and coaching, with functional testing for my hormones and digestion, along with the direction you’ve...
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“I’ve lost 75 lbs. in less than 12 months, after being on strict Keto *the right way* thanks to Dani! My numbers are great, I’ve been taken off meds, I no longer have trouble sleeping, and I’ve added much heavier weights to my workout routine. I’ve been able to build muscle and increase my strength, endurance and overall performance more...
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“I’ve lost 39 lbs. and I feel great. Thank you for helping me truly figure out how and why my body reacts to certain foods. The testing along with the protocols and weekly sessions have been invaluable. I love that I’m eating foods that I like, that are also good for me! I’ve been on countless diets that have never...
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S.L. California
“Down 22.8 lbs. with lots of NSVs! It’s so fun going shopping in my own closet. I feel so much better now at this weight than I have at this weight in the past. I think my legs/ butt look thinner than they were at this weight previously. Shopping is not a nightmare anymore. I’m so glad I stayed the...
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L.J. Michigan
Thank you for making such a huge impact on my health. I feel amazing and in total have lost 21 pounds, 2 inches off my chest and 3 inches off of my waist and hips. I’ve been dry brushing and my skin has lost the dry, scaly texture it had for so long. I am continuing with the Liquid Collagen...
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“I’ve been doing Dani’s challenges for three months and I love them. It’s a real approach – not a gimmick. I’ve lost 23 pounds and a total of 8 inches which I have not done on any other program. And I’ve done a lot of them! The support, accountability, knowledge, coaching and exercise encouragement are life changing in how Dani...
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Dani was highly recommended and I loved that she tests instead of guessing what’s going on like many others out there. My gut is healed, my sugar cravings are gone and I’ve learned the exact balance of protein and fat my body needs. Excessive hair loss is gone as well! Thank you Dani!!
S.W. Texas - Latest
Down 9 lbs.!! This program has such great information. Prior to this, I was defaulting to just ‘carnivoring harder’ and beating myself up; and that wasn’t working. I’m sleeping better, feeling better and digestion is better! Thank you Dani, I’m looking forward to continuing this journey with you with one on one coaching.
R.T. Florida
“My breeches fit SO much better! I’m down 12 lbs. and A LOT of inches. No more cravings and I’m no longer starving and hangry all day long. I’m finally sleeping soundly, and most importantly, I’m stronger in the saddle than Ive EVER been! Dani, thank you for getting me back on track with proper eating to support my crazy, active life!”
Soon after Dani came into my life as an equestrian client, I started gathering keto info, tips and tools from her social media posts. I had been carb free (meaning I didn’t eat bread, pasta, etc) and dairy free for a long time and I was eating a lot of fruit (sugar)… all because I thought that was healthy. I...
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“I’m so impressed by the dedication you give to all of your clients. Your group program with personal feedback for each woman goes way beyond losing weight to ensure success. I really enjoyed the video sessions and actually hearing other ladies’ concerns and questions. I’m so grateful for you and how you’ve changed my life!”
K.B., New York
“I can’t believe the difference from when I started this program until now. My hot flashes are diminished, annoying hemorrhoid GONE, down a bra strap size. I also have more energy and clarity, i.e. no more brain fog, and I literally feel like myself when I was younger!”
S. Texas