Weight Loss, Fat Loss & TRUE WELLNESS!



Eat more, weigh less.  Stop the food stress!
Get off the restrictive yo-yo diets once and for all.
Balance hormones… Stop starving, START LIVING!
Optimize gut health for good!


Ditch the diet mentality, lose the weight, and crush the cravings so you can finally burn fat, GET FIT and FEEL CONFIDENT!

Weight Loss & Fat Loss

A customized, unique approach to metabolic + hormone based nutrition. Ditch the diet mentality so you can eat more, weigh less and achieve real results!

Mind & body Detox

Rid your body of toxins to increase energy, improve digestion and have glowing skin!

reclaim your sexy!

Optimize your energy + hormones so you can tone up, lean out and improve body composition, to finally feel comfortable and confident in your skin!

Holistic Health + OPTIMAL Lab Work!

Go from fat, fatigued and depressed with cravings, to satisfied, balanced and confident. Restore energy and stamina. Truly rebalance from the inside out!

Burn fat, beat bloat + reclaim your sexy!

I’m Dani Conway, Holistic Nutritionist and Equestrian Athlete. I have a unique “4-step” cutting edge, cyclical approach for women to help improve energy, metabolism, mental focus, hormone balance, body composition and more. If you’re ready to eliminate the energy crashes, beat the bloat, and build muscle so you can finally burn fat, get fit and feel confident in your skin, look no further!

I’ve been in private practice within the nutrition and fitness industry for almost 16 years. I’ve helped hundreds of busy women with all things weight loss, fat loss, hormones, gut health; not to mention fitness and performance. I’ve also been featured on both Good Day Sacramento and Fox 40 multiple times.

I struggled for years as a chronic YO-YO dieter, 65 lbs. overweight, with no answers. Doctors told me my blood work was “normal” and nothing worked until I found a completely different “4-step” metabolic + cyclical approach to weight loss, fat loss, rebalancing hormones and gut health. I’m healthier, leaner and stronger now at 46 than I was in my 20s!

Common question, “what age are the clients you work with?” I believe with the work that I do, age has no limits. I’ve helped hundreds of clients permanently break the weight loss plateaus, reverse hormone problems such PCOS and thyroid issues, infertility along with peri and post menopause problems. I’ve helped them eliminate lifelong migraines, gut wrenching digestive issues… constipation, bloating, nausea, gas, diarrhea; and more. We rebalance the body from the inside – out with my cutting edge, “4-step” cyclical approach, that combines functional nutrition and functional medicine making it  unique, and unlike anything out there!


Join Dani's Tribe of Success Stories...

“I’ve been doing Dani’s challenges for three months and I love them. It’s a real approach – not a gimmick. I’ve lost 23 pounds and a total of 8 inches which I have not done on any other program. And I’ve done a lot of them! The support, accountability, knowledge, coaching and exercise encouragement are life changing in how Dani puts together her knowledge, expertise and guidance on hormones, and tons more, for our individual bodies. Thank you Dani, I’m so grateful!”
~ Joan


Your *Customized* Weight loss + Wellness Plan is Designed to Help You:

Ditch the Diet Mentality

A 100% customized Keto/ Carnivore Macronutrient approach to speed up metabolism that will finally allow you to eat more and weigh less!

Boost Your Metabolism

Build muscle and increase strength so you can finally BURN FAT and feel fit and confident, inside and out!

Improve Energy & Confidence

No afternoon energy crashes, trick foods, complicated recipes or trick meal plans. Just simple strategies that work!

Crush Your Cravings

Holistic approach to rebalancing your body from the inside-out. No more cravings, PMS, irritability, hot flashes or weight gain.

Anti-Aging + Performance

Hair loss, joint pain, skin problems, weak nails and digestive problems will soon be a thing of the past. Turn “normal” lab work into truly *OPTIMAL* RESULTS!

Achieve Your Goals

Your “normal” lab work is keeping you from your goals. Go from fat, fatigued and depressed to energetic, fit and confident. Stop starving and start living!


Removing obstacles one step at a time!

I’m so glad you’re here. Along with focusing on the right nutrition, we will also focus on rebalancing mood and hormone issues, such as excessive hunger and cravings, PMS, irritability and hot flashes, to those uncomfortable digestive issues like constipation, diarrhea, nausea and the stomach aches that no one wants to talk about. Age is no longer a factor! I have helped hundreds of women over 40 finally achieve the long term wellness, weight control, better performance and body positive outlook that they’ve been aspiring for! Want a little sneak peak to this truly LIFE CHANGING approach? Click here!

Client Success Stories

“My breeches fit SO much better! I’m down 12 lbs. and A LOT of inches. No more cravings and I’m no longer starving and hangry all day long. I’m finally sleeping soundly, and most importantly, I’m stronger in the saddle than I've EVER been! Dani, thank you for getting me back on track with proper eating to support my crazy, active life!”
"Dani customized my plan to fit my Equestrian schedule and lifestyle. I feel a new freedom with food knowing that I'm doing what works for me. If I’m riding or working out a ton I might increase my portions a bit with the exact Macros that my body needs. Every day can be tweaked to what I’m feeling. Thank you Dani for helping me take my nutrition to the next level. I know I’m a better Equestrian Athlete when I’m at my strongest.”
“I’ve lost 75 lbs. in less than 12 months, after being on strict Keto *the right way* thanks to Dani! I’ve been able to build muscle and increase my strength, endurance and overall performance more than I thought would ever be possible. There’s SO much misinformation out there; I could not have done this without Dani. I’m forever grateful!!”

Weight loss, fat loss and performance nutrition!

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