Weight Loss Accelerator Program


If you’re discouraged because what you did before isn’t working anymore, and you’re downright OVER IT, you’re not alone. Hundreds of my clients who are over 40 have been in your shoes… And with my help, they’re now reaching their weight loss, fat loss and body composition goals!

Or perhaps you’re not really struggling, but you’d really like to up level your Keto, Carnivore or even Low Carb results to take your body, metabolism + hormone and gut health to the next level. This program will also help you figure out what the best, most realistic next steps are for YOU!

When you join this transformational program, you’ll get access to the private group, individual + group coaching, weekly video sessions, lifetime access to my #UNdiet Macro Formula, strategies and hacks that work, and SO much more!

Client S.M. says, “After finally learning exactly what my body needs at 43 years old, my acne is GONE, I’m 100% OFF anxiety meds AND I’M DOWN 10 lbs.!

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How do you know if this Group Program
is right for you?

  • You’re secretly frustrated when looking in the mirror.
  • You’re completely overwhelmed with all of the Keto and Carnivore Diet information out there.
  • You’re ready to find the right Macronutrient balance for your body and metabolism.
  • You’re tired of the seasons changing while being STUCK at the same weight.
  • You’re frustrated and confused by all differing approaches/ opinions not working.
  • You continuously fall back into old food habits that you can’t seem to break.
  • You need the support of women who get you!
  • You’d like to just eat intuitively but you don’t know how to start and/ or you have multiple failed attempts.
  • You’re ready to stop the inconsistencies, such as fasting, that are STALLING your weight loss.
  • You continuously fall back into old food habits that you can’t seem to break.
  • You want to get results, but you don’t want to break the bank.
  • You’re ready to create consistent discipline and stop relying on motivation to get you by.
  • You are SO NOT interested in another fad diet – I promise there is no sardine fasting required! 😉
  • You’re just tired of feeling uncomfortable in your skin and need a major change!

What You’ll Receive Throughout the Weight Loss Accelerator Program…

Group and Individual coaching.

We’ll meet via FB Live and Zoom 1-2 times weekly throughout the program.

Metabolism + Hormone Reset.

You’ll combine your customized Macros with cyclical strategies for weight loss + fat loss.

“Inside-Out'' Body Rejuvenation.

Top, step by step strategies that will truly take your results to the next level.

Customized Macros.

Lifetime access to my #UNdiet Macro Formula so you can continue to pursue your goals after the program concludes!

Real Detox Solutions.

Learn to correctly incorporate my favorite, proven strategies to improve weight loss results, sleep, energy, mood and more!

Deep dive: hormones + gut health!

Understand many unknown factors that go beyond food when it comes to weight loss, fat loss and body recomposition.

Weight Loss Resources

Lifetime access to my proven resources, handouts, and guides to distill the most influential weight loss strategies.

Inspired community.

Connect with other women who have had the same exact struggles, and more importantly, who are just as ready for real results as YOU!

My personal strategies.

I’ll pull back the curtain and share the exact steps I took, and still take daily, to maintain my successful weight loss results!

A “No BS” Approach.

This isn’t about trial and error, or empty promises, it’s about real strategies that actually work for women 40 and up!

That’s a $13,300 total value for just one payment of $249!

This will be the most affordable 7-week group program I’ve ever offered. So if you’re ready to upgrade your weight loss results, do not miss this valuable opportunity!

Definitely watch for early bird registration pricing

If you’re outside of the US, please email me for the PayPal payment option at Dani@NutritiontheNaturalWay.com.

Get it before it’s gone!

Real Talk

I’m not for everyone and neither are my programs. You may think that sounds a little harsh. Well, it’s quite simple. You have to be ready to do the real work! And it’s ok to “not be ready.”

But… If you are ready to do what works for weight loss, wellness and long term health, I am confident that I will get you there through my comprehensive, results-driven approach. No fluff, just pure strategies that work!


Still have reservations?

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in yourself is an important one!

Maybe you’ve just started following me. Maybe you’ve invested in so many things that haven’t worked, you just don’t know what to believe anymore. I can tell you that I’m more than *just* the average “health coach” and my qualifications as a Board Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, along with various other certifications in functional nutrition and functional medicine, separate the guidance that I can offer you throughout this program (and in my practice) from any other general “health coaches” out there.

And even more importantly, I genuinely care. I advocate for all of my clients’ health with the same commitment, strategy, and passion that I do for my own.

If you’re looking for the support of a Board Certified Functional Practitioner that brings heart and strategy to your weight loss and health journey, I’d love to support you.


What my clients say about

The Weight Loss Accelerator Program

I actually broke my weight loss plateau a few weeks into the program… down 3 lbs.!
“I am at my lowest weight ever in my entire adult life! I have really been enjoying the sessions in the group and they have helped me shift a few more lbs. once I had tweaked my Macros. Thank you Dani, this program is invaluable!”
“I’m so impressed by the dedication you give to all of your clients. Your group program with personal feedback for each woman goes way beyond losing weight to ensure success. I really enjoyed the video sessions and actually hearing other ladies’ concerns and questions. I’m so grateful for you and how you’ve changed my life!”
K.B., New York

Let’s do this!

This is your time to harness my years of experience, take back your power, and turn your frustration into fuel so you can fiercely step into the sexy, strong, confident, and healthy woman you were meant to be!