Welcome! I have a 4-step, cutting edge approach to help you burn fat + lose the weight, boost metabolism, improve energy, optimize hormones, body composition and more.

I’m SO glad you’re here because it’s finally time to lose the weight, stop starving and start living! If you have spent your life on yoyo diets. If you’ve been wondering how to lose weight permanently. If symptoms like PCOS, infertility, menopause, gut issues or auto immune conditions RUN YOUR LIFE. OR, athletic performance is in the toilet with the rest of your digestive problems, I can help!

My unique approach will finally help you improve your metabolism so you can burn fat. Eliminate the cravings and energy crashes. Beat the bloat, increase strength, improve body composition; permanently lose the weight you’ve been stuck with, and much more! I know that sounds like a tall order. It is! And, I’ve helped hundreds of women overcome these.

“One of the big reasons I didn’t get the COVID 19 LBS. is from sticking with your program. Instead, I’VE LOST 10!! SO helpful to improve energy metabolism. Thank you Dani!”  ~K.M. North Carolina

I’ve been in private practice within the nutrition and fitness industry for over 16 years coaching women ages 30-60 and beyond. Additionally, I’ve also spent the last 10 of those years also working with Equestrian Athletes to build strength, improve performance and better long term health so they can truly ride to win!

“Dani, thank you so much for working with me and my crazy schedule. It’s so nice to finally feel more balanced, while being less hungry, throughout my long days. I love eating more of the foods that I finally know are right for me!” ~T.B. Los Angeles, CA

I have a cutting edge, 4 step approach, that includes the results oriented #UNdiet Fat Loss Nutrition Formula, that was actually featured on Good Day Sacramento and Fox 40, combined with functional testing and the most effective nutraceuticals available. I’ve also been featured on various local news stations with segments on cooking for the Keto Diet, the Carnivore Diet, how to utilize Intermittent Fasting correctly, and much more!

“What a compliment that you are booked out a bit. Put me on your cancellation list. Either way, it will be worth the wait! -C.P.

My clients have gone from being stuck on a weight plateau; fatigued, craving sweets, anxious and overwhelmed to finally losing the weight, gaining energy + feeling strong and confident inside and out! And, they finally know exactly what to eat for their body and metabolism. I’ve helped hundreds of women reverse hormone problems such PCOS and thyroid issues, along with infertility to peri and post menopause symptoms. I’ve helped them eliminate lifelong migraines, gut wrenching digestive issues, constipation, bloating, nausea, gas, diarrhea; and more. And all of this happens while easily reaching their ideal weight and body composition, from truly rebalancing the body from the inside – out.

“My pants fit SO much better! I’m down 12 lbs. and A LOT of inches. No more cravings and I’m no longer starving and hangry all day long. I’m finally sleeping soundly, and most importantly, I’m stronger than I’ve EVER been! Dani, thank you for getting me back on track with proper eating to support my crazy, active life!!” ~M.W. Sacramento, CA

My personal journey into holistic health began 17 years ago with my own gut-wrenching experiences of yoyo dieting for years prior, as well as following the masses in the diet industry with “one size fits all” weight loss diet programs. I was 65 lbs. overweight on a fat free diet. I always failed which is one of the many reasons I was, and still am, committed to making strides in the Holistic Nutrition and Equestrian industries. Not only that, the “diet culture” leaves a lot to be desired in the Equestrian industry as well.

I am committed to bridging the gap of misinformation, to remove limitations, so that any nutrition + fitness goal is possible!

While I do NOT believe in a one size fits all approach, I have personally lived a “meat based,” Keto/ Carnivore Diet lifestyle for the last 16 years. It has been amazing for me and very beneficial for many of my clients. This is definitely not for everyone and we will figure out what’s right for YOU! I have helped TONS of my women clients implement this Keto Diet and Carnivore Diet approach correctly. I have also coached tons of clients to find the right mix of Macros that was right for them outside of low carb eating.

I truly believe that my superpower is beating the diet industry! I have studied under some of the top doctors and holistic experts, and I’m proudly certified, and qualified, as follows:

  • Founder of Nutrition the Natural Way, 2007
  • Board Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
  • Adv. Metabolic Typing Clinical Advisor
  • Kalish Method Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • Gut Thrive Practitioner
  • Functional Bloodwork Specialist
  • Ketogenic and Meat Based Nutrition + Metabolic Protocols
  • Public Speaker on Holistic Nutrition, Wellness & Fitness Topics & Workshops
  • Podcast Guest Expert within Equestrian & Holistic Nutrition Industries
  • Multiple Features with Local Media; TV & Radio!
  • Author of Numerous Women’s Holistic Nutrition ebooks & Guides
  • Certified CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach & Fitness Program Design (12 years)

I’ve always had a “FOOD FIRST” approach and I believe that nutrition is absolutely the foundation of everything we do. However, even when we correct that foundation which is always my first step with all clients, hormone and digestive imbalances can still be at play with symptoms such as food / sugar cravings, mood swings or irritability, insomnia, bloating, constipation/ peri/ post menopause and more. 

This is where the 4 step approach, with specialized programming, along with the functional testing comes in. And, quite frankly, this is what truly sets me apart from other “nutritionists” or “dietitians.” We will figure the right foods for your body and metabolism. And, we will specifically find the root causes of the imbalances that are present. Once we know the root causes, I will create a customized 3-5 phase protocol specific to each client making this THE most innovative approach possible to achieving long term results. My unique approach works with 100% of my clients, 100% of the time!

“I’ve lost 39 lbs. and I feel great! Thank you for helping me truly figure out how my body reacts to food. The testing along with the weekly sessions have been invaluable. I love that I’m eating foods that I like, that are also good for me! Other diets have never worked. And, at 43 I feel like age is definitely a factor now too. I’ve truly enjoyed working with you. My energy is great and I’m excited to continue this journey!” ~S.L. Sacramento, California

Last and not least, I want you to know that I do love food! I mean who doesn’t, right?! I have a knack for creating simple and easy recipes, along with re-vamping the most seemingly sinful and decadent ones; turning them into something you don’t have to feel guilty about.

Because of this, I’ve been featured multiple times on both Good Day Sacramento as well as Fox 40 Sacramento, albeit always impressing the news anchors with how delicious my “healthy” low carb recipes really are. They’ve also been known to be enjoyed by the pickiest of kids as well as to truly fool the most stubborn house guest!

So if you’re finally ready to GET OFF THE WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAU! If you’re ready to improve your body inside and out, have better energy, performance, mental focus, and truly learn how to lose the weight, keep it off, AND become the healthiest and youngest version of YOU that you’ve ever been, you’ve come to the right place. I’m looking forward to working with you so we can finally get you the real results you’ve been working so hard for, and truly deserve!

If you’re not ready for a private coach, I have various online programs as well.

Last and not least, I release a free ebook or guide for women every couple of months. CLICK HERE to grab the latest version!