Does Keto Balance Hormones

The question, “Does Keto Balance Hormones?” is a very common one.

There are many things to consider when asking does Keto balance hormones. First and most unpopular opinion is that while yes there are stories of large amounts of weight lost in very short periods of time, there are more stories of ‘slow and steady’ weight loss that we don’t see. Like the hundreds of women I’ve worked with over the last 14 years… CLICK HERE to check out just a few success stories!

Next, what kind of Keto… dirty, lazy vs clean. I’m not the keto police by any means, and, based on my experience personally with Keto for 14 years, and professionally working with women rebalancing metabolism and hormones, these are definite considerations.

And other important factors for figuring out the question of does Keto balance hormones … are you tracking all macros – not just carbs? Getting enough protein? Eating enough overall? Too many artificial sweeteners? Too much dairy? Hydration/ electrolytes? Incorporating exercise/ movement? Sleeping consistently well? 

Portion Sizes with food also should be considered! Portion sizes are going to vary depending on many things such as body type, age, activity level, hormone status, digestive function and much more.

When you eat “real food” your body is satisfied and not hungry.  You want to focus on the right Macro ratios for your body and metabolism. So this means sometimes it will be Keto, and sometimes it won’t. Trial and error can help you determine this as well.  Try that for a few days consistently and see how you feel.

If you notice abnormal hunger, crankiness, fatigue, food/ sugar cravings then make a change.  One of the main causes of these “symptoms” is an imbalance of proteins, fats and carbs.  You’ll soon learn to “observe” your body and know which direction to go.  Remember, too little carbohydrates can cause just as much of a negative reaction as to too many!

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