REAL Food for Gut Health

What IS all of this nonsense about real food for gut health.  Well, real food for gut health is very important to long term health and wellness for many reasons.  First and foremost, let’s define it.  My own personal definition of Real Food is:

  • Foods in their original state, how nature intended, with their nutrients and enzymes intact so they impact the body energetically and physiologically to positively support all body systems. * Real Food regulates mood, hunger & behavior.

When you think of Real Food, think Mother Nature.  Think of all those vibrant colors that you see when you look around the produce section.  Do not think of boxes, packages, plastic wrapping or long lists of ingredients that you cannot pronounce to save your life!

If there’s an ingredient on a label that you cannot read or pronounce, remember your body has no clue what to do with it.  It then either gets stored as a toxin or fat or BOTH!!  Yuck.

If you are buying packaged foods, try to choose only those that have 5 ingredients or less.  No fake foods.  No imitation butter, sugar or anything else that is chemically produced.

Real food for gut health is the core of where we need to start for long term wellness!

Choosing real food will get you real results! If you’re not getting the results you’re working so hard for, CLICK HERE to reach out!