Carb Cycling Black Bean Chili

This Carb Cycling Black Bean Chili is such a great way to incorporate come quality “Choice Carbohydrates” (if you tolerate them) into your routine!

Carb Cycling Back Bean Chili
Chicken or Veggie
1 – 2 lbs. Organic chicken breast or chicken thighs (your preference)
2 – 3 cans Organic Black Beans
1 Organic Purple Onion
1 Bunch Green Onions
2 Large Organic Tomatoes
1 Jalapeno Chopped (optional)
Organic Mozzarella Cheese
Organic Seasoning… More seasoning can be added to taste!
1 tbsp Garlic powder
2 tbsp Paprika
1 tsp Chipotle Chili Powder (optional)
Fresh Cilantro for garnish
1-2 tsp Celtic Sea Salt
Coconut Oil
Mango or Regular Salsa (available “fresh and premade” at Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods)
Organic Sour Cream
Organic Avocado

Clean and chop all veggies.  Cut raw chicken into chunks.  Heat 1 tbsp. coconut oil and add spices before adding chicken while oil is heating… add onions and sauté for 3-4 minutes, then add the chicken and sauté until almost cooked.

While sautéing, heat black beans over the stove.  Add sea salt to taste.  When the chicken is almost cooked and the beans are heated, add chicken and onion mixture to black beans.  Add tomatoes and jalapeno.

Simmer on medium for 8 minutes; then simmer on low for 4-5 more minutes.

Let stand for a few minutes.  When serving, garnish the top with avocado slices, cheese, cilantro, salsas and / or sour cream.
**Vegetarian option: Mung Beans & Lentils (in equal amounts, 1 cup each to a lb. of chicken)

Soak overnight in filtered water.  Drain.  Then cook prior to making the recipe and heat with black beans.  Saute onions and then add onions to bean mixture and continue with directions.

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