Keto Low Carb Holiday Spice Muffins

These Keto Low Carb Holiday Spice Muffins are not only delicious, but will fool the most stubborn holiday house guest!  lol  There are just certain things that must be incorporated into my life throughout the holidays in order to maintain my 65 lb. weight loss results.  All while completely avoiding that awful feeling of deprivation.  Especially during the holiday season.  You feel me?

I mean really, who wants to completely give up muffins, or any breads for that matter?!  No one I know.  And surely, no client I’ve ever worked!!  I mean seriously, there are tons of benefits to low sugar, low carb and Keto friendly bread recipes.  One of them is the feeling of pure satisfaction that you can actually have these items at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah dinners.  The other is that they’re healthy, high in Net Carbs and low in sugar and total carbs.

So, the moral?  This recipe is a fantastic, no sugar, low carb, way to keep muffins in your life.  These muffins will not kill all of the great weight loss and fat loss effort you’ve put forward throughout the year.  Great for holiday dinners or to keep in the freezer and pop into the toaster oven and have with your eggs for breakfast!

Keto Low Carb Holiday Spice Pumpkin Muffins

2/3 c. Pumpkin Puree
¼ c. Ghee (melted but not hot – you can use Kerrygold butter if you prefer)
3 Pastured Eggs
2 tsp. Vanilla Extract
¼ c. Coconut Flour
1 ½ tsp. Cinnamon
½ tsp. Nutmeg
¼ tsp. Ground Cloves
¼ tsp. Ground Ginger (or about ¼ inch piece fresh ginger chopped)
½ tsp. Baking Soda
½ tsp. Baking Powder
½ tsp. Sea Salt
¼ c. Xylitol or Swerve (Erythritol)
¼ c. Chia Seeds
2 Muffin Baking Sheets
Small Muffin Cups/ Liners

Optional ingredients:

½ c. Roasted Cacao Nibs OR Enjoy Life Mini Chocolate Chips
½ c. Pecans


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Mix together wet ingredients in a bowl: pumpkin puree, ghee, eggs, vanilla extract. **I prefer to use a blender on low speed, just mixing until blended.
3. In another bowl, mix dry ingredients: coconut flour, cinnamon, nutmeg,cloves, baking soda, baking powder, sea salt and sweetener.
Notes: do not add in Chia seeds yet.  Also, Xylitol is not safe for dogs in any amount so if you have dogs, use caution with this ingredient as well as any crumbs from the finished product.
4. Pour dry ingredients from #3 into blender or bowl and mix well, not over mixing.
5. Fold in chia seeds and chocolate chips and/ or pecans if using.
6. Pour into muffin cups – do not fill all the way as they will rise.
7. Bake for 35-40 minutes.
8. Option: set additional timer for 20 minutes and at that point sprinkle a
couple whole pecans or pieces on the tops of the muffins for “decoration.”


My clients love these types of recipes that they can make large amounts of, and have them in the freezer when they need them.  I guarantee you, AND your kids, will LOVE these!  Breakfast, a snack, or for a sweet tooth dessert after dinner, these are amazing!! CLICK HERE to find me on Facebook!