This Fat Burning Mocha Smoothie is like having ice cream for breakfast, minus ALLLLL THE GUILT!

Yes!  It’s true!  This Fat Burning Mocha Smoothie is like having ice cream for your keto breakfast, minus all the guilt!  There are just certain things that must be incorporated into my life in order to maintain my 65 lb. weight loss results.  All while completely avoiding that awful feeling of deprivation.  You feel me?  A post workout recovery smoothie that is more like a freaking milkshake does the trick!  Contains all of the nutrients, super satisfying and ZERO guilt!  This fat burning mocha smoothie is also a great way to meet your Macros for the day.  Have Macro questions?!  Hop into my “Macros 101 Masterclass” exclusively for women free 3 day online event…  CLICK HERE to check it out!  

This is Sacramento, CA Nutritionist Dani Conway and I help women *ditch the diet* + lose stubborn weight + gain energy!  Imagine feeling freedom from food and comfort in your own skin!!  What if you could finally live your life enjoying time with your husband, family and kids not freaking out about what you’re going to eat for your next meal or snack.  Go shopping knowing that the lonely feeling of being in that dressing room with a pile of clothes that don’t fit is totally a thing of the past.  I know what ALLLLL of this is like because I experienced it for YEARS.  Ready for change?  I got you!  CLICK HERE to check out my 10 week online course, Metabolic Fat Loss… Lose Weight + Crush Cravings + Spark Energy!  Or CLICK HERE to access my Keto Low Carb Community with tons of videos, Q&A and more!

I was on this same journey myself … 65 lbs. overweight on a fat free diet.  The food cravings were agonizing and legit ran (and ruined!) my daily focus.  I was unsatisfied after a meal.  My workouts left me STARVING on a consistent basis regardless of what I ate.  My muscle recovery was quite poor as well.  I knew living in agony over food was not an option (I was in my 20s!!) and something had to shift.  To top it off, I had tons of hormone issues and digestive problems as well.

Can you relate?!

Enter “eat fat burn fat” before it was even a thing.  This was over 11 years ago prior to becoming certified in all things holistic nutrition and functional medicine – getting to the root cause to achieve true weight loss, fat loss, energy, focus and more.  I was finally able to balance my Macros in the correct way for my body and metabolism.  I was no longer starving all day long.  It was a serious time for celebration.  Lol

That’s where my amazing smoothie recipes come in.  There are a handful in the blog.  Be sure to check them out!  In the meantime, here is the recipe for this amazing workout recovery + Fat Burning Mocha Smoothie!

Fat Burning Mocha Smoothie

1. Add milk to blender.
2. Add powders to blender.
3. Blend on low to mix.
4. Add greens + ice.
5. Blend to desired consistency!

Caution: Keto-Milkshake fat burning recovery smoothies are slightly addicting… in a good way, of course!


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