Organic Living

YES! There’s definitely a difference between organically grown food and conventionally grown food. 

Conventionally grown food is just a fancy name for the ‘regular’ food that you buy at the grocery store with no specifications on the package about it being organic.  To be legally labeled “Certified Organic,” the farms need to be free of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides for a given amount of time.  This amount of time depends on the organic classification that the farm has.  Essentially what this means is that there is nothing added to help the food grow faster, grow larger or fill your body with harmful toxins.  That’s right… harmful toxins are in the readily available, conventional food that you buy and feed to your young children and families.

Another critical fact here is that nutrient value in conventional foods is substantially lower than nutrient value in organic food.  Chemical fertilizers and pesticides deplete the fertilizing potential that natural, plain old soil has.  Eat foods grown with the soil that is treated with harmful toxins… and you will be ingesting these toxins in the final food product no matter what it is.  There’s no way to get them out!

So the next time you’re grocery shopping and you have a choice between organic and non-organic food… GO FOR THE ORGANIC!  It might cost a dollar or two more now, but if you don’t buy organic, your body and health will pay for it later.