Keto Diet Holiday Hacks

Hey hey!!  ‘Tis the season!!  That’s right… ’tis the season for the best Keto Diet Holiday Hacks.

Cookies, candies, chocolates, treats, treats and MORE TREATS!!  And what does this lead to… holiday weight gain!  UGH.  The average person will put on anywhere from 2-6 lbs. during the holidays.  This can be a huge disappointment for very hard work and discipline that one has had in the months leading up to December both in their fitness routines as well as in the kitchen!

There are definitely ways to still enjoy the holidays without throwing all of that hard work to the wind.  And, without having to feel like you’re completely “starting over” come January 1st.  I am not a believer in New Year’s Resolutions.  I feel that if you want to set a goal, you can set it at any time in the year.  There’s a stigma about Resolutions that just doesn’t end up sticking.

Anyways – that is a whole other blog topic…  Lol

If you take the discipline you’ve had with your fitness routines and in the kitchen for the months leading up to December, and put it towards following these Keto Diet Holiday Hacks, I assure that not only will you enjoy yourself and not stress out about the little things, you’ll have a successful and healthy season launching yourself into the new year way ahead of where you would have been come January 1st.

  • Eat your protein first! Protein is a very dense macronutrient and plays a large role on feeling “full and satisfied.”
  • Don’t go hungry… we’ve all heard this one before! Never go to a party hungry.  Be sure to have a snack prior to leaving your house or on the way; especially if you’re unsure of the selection of food at your destination.
  • Don’t skip breakfast and “save the calories for later!” If you do one thing on this list… DO THIS: Eat breakfast.  This will help stabilize your blood sugar and keep cravings to a minimum all day and all night long.
  • Stay mobile! What??  MOVE!!  Exercise, lift weights, walk.  Just do something.  Schedule your workouts as an appointment that is not changeable.  Get it done earlier in the morning so that nothing “comes up” and tempts you to skip it.  If you cannot get a full workout, go for a walk.  Park far away from your destination or from the mall if you’re shopping.  So many options here!
  • Travel near or far with non-perishable snacks! This is imperative.  Don’t get stuck somewhere without food as this is sure to sabotage all of your efforts.  Especially if you’re going by plane!  Weather, flight issues or other unexpected delays are always a possibility so be prepared!
  • Be REAL with yourself. Don’t try to lose weight during the holidays.  Simply focus on maintaining your current weight so you’re ready to continue moving forward after New Year’s!
  • Water, Water, Water!! Drink plenty of it and then some!  Water will help keep you balanced, regular and flushing out any unwanted toxins from foods you might not be used to eating year round.
  • Speaking of drinking… limit your caloric intake from beverages and try to eat, preferably protein, BEFORE you consume alcohol. A drink typically averages 150-450 calories… now multiply that by 2-4 drinks.  YIKES!!  Eating a rich protein first will help to limit the negative response alcohol has on blood sugar.  (Disclaimer: this is not permission to drink.  Drink at your own risk and be sure you have a designated driver.)
  • Remember that you cannot out-train a bad diet. What??  This means that it is not possible to excessively exercise in hopes of burning off those holiday indulgences.  That actually causes more stress on you mentally and physically and will lead to the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

Let me know how it goes with these Keto Diet Holiday Hacks! Make the best choices you’ve ever made this holiday season and don’t forget to enjoy!!