How to Maximize Weight Loss + Fat Loss

If you’re wondering how to maximize weight loss + fat loss, it’s important to consider these 7 factors if you’re weight loss results are stalled!

1 – Total consumption is often overlooked… getting stuck in just the “ratios” is a huge pitfall.

What to do next? Experiment with total daily consumption. Be sure you’re balancing what your body needs with activity level, hormone status and more. Look at whether you might be eating too much OR too little for *your* body + metabolism.

Under eating is WAY too prevalent, especially with perimenopause and menopause when weight loss can feel like a HUGE struggle! I truly believe in a “eat more, weigh less” approach, and this is what has helped thousands of the women I’ve worked with over the last 2 decades.

2 – Carbs… sometimes “zero carb” is better. Sometimes it’s not! Even within a Low Carb Diet or a Ketogenic Diet, it is best to take an individual approach with determining how many carbs one should be eating daily.

Now, as far as the Carnivore Diet goes… I also feel that one size *never* fits all!  And more importantly, zero carb is not always better.  I implement a ton of “cycling” strategies with my women clients who are over 40 in my Weight Loss Accelerator Program as well as private practice.

3 – Adjust meal timing… do not be afraid to NOT to eat OMAD!  There are so many things wrong with OMAD… One Meal A Day.  Especially if you’re a midlife woman over 40 who is struggling with a ton of hormone imbalances or digestive issues!  New article coming soon on this, so stay tuned.  It’s THAT important!

4 – Consider a “Resting Metabolic Rate” (or RMR) test often available at studios such as DexaFit or local gyms. Learning what you’re actually burning on a daily basis, or lack thereof if you’re metabolism has slowed, can be eye opening as to why weight is increasing, stalled or fluctuating that stubborn 2-3 lbs.

5 – Stress management… cliché, I know.  But I’m really talking about figuring out the internal stressors, the things we feel and cannot see. Low energy, anxiety, irritability, headaches, poor mood, insomnia, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and more. 

…Are you attached to your story about your symptoms, and how you’ve tried everything?  Yep.  I said that. Unpopular opinion # 788954367643 .

Underlying emotional trauma is a huge weight loss + fat loss staller.  The body gets “stuck” in old patterns and there is often some deep rooted work that has to be done in order to move through that “stuff.”  It’s well worth it though!

6 – Medications… some have their place. What’s not talked about enough are OTCs like NSAIDS… these wreak havoc on gut and liver.  Then the domino effect of these can have a hugely negative effect on weight loss, fat loss and more.

7 – Movement/ resistance training. Walking is amazing for circulation, hormones, blood pressure, mental clarity, etc. However… that long term increase in metabolism many are hoping for truly comes from resistance training.

The benefits of improving insulin sensitivity, as well as other metabolic inflammatory markers from resistance training and movement in general is also an underdiscussed area!

What to do next?  Well, visit these individual factors for weight loss and fat loss if you’re weight is stalled.  Be consistent in taking the right steps to get things moving forward.

And if you’re still on the struggle bus?!? I can help.