How to Reset Metabolism

Welcome to the Fall Collagen Weight Loss Challenge!! 
It’s time to reset your body from the inside out! You’ll learn how to reset metabolism, gut health, immunity and more.

Real people. Real results.  
“I feel less bloated, flatter tummy, lost an inch on my waist AND hips; oh and the scale says I lost 8 lbs.! Cravings are gone as well!” -E.S. Los Angeles, CA 


Fall into the new year feeling better than you have throughout 2020!!  

-> Weight loss and fat loss; they’re different.
-> Customized Macro formula for your individual body!
-> Building muscle along with muscle preservation.
-> Improving and strengthening digestion. 
-> Resetting metabolism and hormones through a simple, real food approach!
-> Reducing pain and inflammation; improving hair health and more.

~ You feel like you’re drowning with Keto information that’s NOT WORKING!
~ You’re doing “Keto” or “Low Carb,” you don’t feel like this is the best approach for you and you don’t know what else to do.
~ You’re still confused on where to start and you don’t want the holidays to get the best of you this year.
~ You know, though you don’t really want to admit, that you want some accountability throughout the first part of the holiday season.
~ You’ve fallen into old food habits that you cannot seem to break.
~ You’re still struggling with food or sugar cravings and you’re not sure why.
~ You’re experiencing symptoms and you’re not sure if they’re related to your diet, imbalanced hormones or gut health.

~ You’re using collagen powder yet still experiencing hair loss, skin problems, joint pain or digestive issues.
~ You’re fed up with the lack of motivation resulting from quarantine life. 

Client M.F. shares, “Even on a medication that typically causes weight gain, I’ve lost 5 lbs.!  I’m focused on planning, tracking, structure, healthy foods and self care.  Appreciating this challenge.  Thank you”

Many of you know I’m usually not into challenges.  BUT.  My challenges are different, the time has been right, AND I’m super excited!  SO many results have happened over the last 6 months and it’s only going to continue.  The CLA and Liquid Collagen are game changers, especially when it comes to gut health.

And just to clarify, nothing ever comes before the right food as food IS the absolute foundation for everything we do. CLICK HERE to read some other client success stories!  

This is the other piece of the puzzle is that I have been searching high and low for… a unique, effective and highly bioavailable Collagen formula.  And I found it!  Collagen powder can work well, in some cases, though it is not as effective as a liquid formula that is bio-identical and highly bio-available.  

This is a scientifically proven approach to healthy joints, better skin, true anti aging, better digestion, and more.

After all, how many of you have been using Collagen powder for a long time and you’re not actually sure if it’s doing anything?  This is exactly why I formatted this unique opportunity as follows…

~ Upgrade your daily Collagen and make this daily ritual work FOR you!
~ Add in the uniquely formulated, and scientifically proven, CLA Trim Formula to support fat loss and healthy body composition.
~ Incorporate the “Recover” which is a blend of L Glutamine, electrolytes and more.
~ You can also add the liquid collagen infused Logiq coffee if you’d like.

WHY?  This coffee is infused with this multi patented liquid Collagen/ HA Matrix, along with a few other ingredients that help to avoid that caffeine crash.  It’s a unique coffee formulation that you cannot find anywhere else!

 CLICK HERE to learn a bit more about the actual science of this unique form of liquid collagen.  (I actually know some of you are already using a creamer that’s also formulated with 4 types of collagen… I will tell you that this is completely different.)

TRIM “CLA” + Collagen/ HA Matrix combination...  Trim is an absolute game changer! This research- backed combination of ingredients is what’s been missing from your weight loss program.

WHY?  Research shows that CLA inhibits fat storage, improves muscle tone and therefore can help with changing body composition and fat loss; if that is your goal. It can also help with maintaining muscle mass as well.  CLICK HERE to learn more about this unique formula.  

Client C.B. says, “I’m focused on staying within my Macros.  Lbs. are dropping, stomach is less bloated, extra calories seem [that I’m not used to] seem to be fine and I should be artificial sweetener FREE before next weekend – huge deal for me!”

-> We will focus on FUELING!  Too much fasting and inconsistency is stalling your weight loss results.
-> Your customized Macro formula via my #UNdiet Fat Loss Formula (this alone is a $299 value!)  YES!  THIS MEANS YOU GET ALL ACCESS TO MY CUSTOM MACRO FORMULA THAT YOU GET TO USE FOR LIFE.
-> Weekly video sessions on Keto, Low Carb and Clean Eating strategies; hormones, gut health, immunity and a ton of other topics!
-> BRAND NEW FREE GUIDE!!! “Women’s Guide to Great Gut Health!” which is a 20 pg. eBook with gut healthy recipes adaptable for your Keto, Low Carb or Clean Eating Macro approach.
-> Meal planning ideas + meal structure guidance.
-> 5 weeks of coaching + accountability in the private Fall Challenge group!
-> Tons of results based strategies, tips + hacks along the way… think of this like a mini weight loss course!
-> Connect with other Gals who are committed to getting back to regular life without the quarantine weight! 
-> Feel empowered heading into 2021 healthier than you’ve been all year!

$29 + the opportunity to JUST.  TRY.  THE.  PRODUCTS.  That’s right.
Upgrade your Collagen and add the TRIM + Recover and YOU’RE IN 
~The purchase of 2 bottles of Liquid Biocell (PURE or LIFE), 1 bottle of the amazing CLA Trim formula and a box of Recover + a minimal $29 program investment gives you the opportunity to finally get REAL RESULTS and participate in the Fall Transformation Weight Loss Challenge!  I will of course also be guiding you on best product usage and SO much more.

~ Regular retail is $284  You can choose to use the $10 off coupon, or save up to 15% on your order using my code embedded in this link only... You choose which option is best for you!  You can also CLICK HERE to shop all and peruse the entire Collagen Sciences collection.  

If you have more questions, email me, or shoot me a message via FB messenger or DM via IG.  TO REGISTER, SIMPLY PLACE YOUR ORDER AND FORWARD ME THE EMAIL COPY OF YOUR RECEIPT: Dani at Nutrition the Natural Way. com .  Please contact me directly to take care of the $29 program investment.

Still having doubts?  
I get it.  I’m the biggest skeptic in the entire world.  
“CLA has been clinically shown to decrease body fat.  Not only does CLA support fat metabolism, it actually helps block fat transport from the bloodstream into fat cells, inhibiting fat absorption, reducing fat cell size and reducing fat cell formation.”  It’s this particular combination of CLA + Collagen/ HA Matrix that is super effective.  Of course you cannot just eat what you want which is why I’m putting this challenge together!  CLICK HERE to read more!

This is the 5th round I’ve run this type of Challenge. I’ve had up to 50 women each month who have loved every minute.

I have had a good number of other clients who have done some “product testing” for me as well.  The only thing they changed has been the addition of Liquid BioCell in various forms (Biocell, CLA Trim, Logiq Coffee, etc.) from the Modere Collagen Sciences line.  We’ve seen improvements in skin health, joint pain, digestion, body composition and more.   

If you have more questions or need clarification, let me know that as well!



Cert. CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Adv. Metabolic Typing Advisor
Kalish Method Functional Med. Practitioner
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CLICK HERE to read more about my story and how I got down this path!