How to Eliminate Setbacks in Weight Goals

Here are the best ways to eliminate setbacks in weight, diet and health goals!

Setbacks with weight, diet and health goals happen and stressing about them over and over again does more harm than good, especially on stress hormones like cortisol, DHEA and more.

Tons of things can trigger setbacks (hello 2020) and distract you from your goals – whether goals are about choosing a diet that works for you, going to the gym or finally shifting towards that long term healthy lifestyle mentality.

For instance, an injury can put a stop to your daily workouts, holiday stresses with a season like no other before can force you to overindulge, or any other emotionally stressed moment can upset your healthy eating habits.

Either you an keep stressing over your diet plan interrupted, which I can tell you from years of experience that it’s not worth it, (CLICK HERE to read my story if you haven’t already) or you can take the opportunity to learn from the setbacks and turn it into motivation; and more importantly, discipline because motivation comes and goes. Discipline does not!

Here are 12 techniques to keep you moving forward:

  1. Let that shit go. Yep, I said it. Just keep moving forward.
  2. Set new, realistic goals! You know yourself well enough by now to know what is comfortably challenging vs. unrealistic.
  3. Ditch the scale for other measures like energy balance, improving strength and body composition; along with eating real food that supports hormones, gut health and more.
  4. Kick the negative-nancies to the curb. Yep, I said it again. Keeping yourself away from negative people (and thought patterns) will play a huge role in reaching your goals.
  5. Balance your workouts with working-IN. Everything we do daily works energy out of our bodies. We don’t do enough to work that energy back in so that we can effectively stay present, and actually manage stress effectively, and more.
  6. Get creative with exercise to “sweat it off.” Just to clarify, I’m talking about sweating off the stress, not the food! You cannot out-train a bad diet; but we’ll save that topic for another day. So, change up your weight routine, do walk/ run intervals outside, plan a family hike… are just a few ideas.
  7. Social circles… when you’re feeling down, reach out to friends or family for support. If you’re not comfortable with this for any reason, there are tons of groups online where you can connect with others that might be going through the same challenges.
  8. Slow down. This goes for multiple things. Slow down in daily life to help mitigate stress and slow down in your attempt to take big steps when you’re starting with new goals. Moving too fast is almost always a set up for back sliding towards old habits that will take back over due to overwhelm, and more.
  9. Focus on what you CAN do. Take exercise for example. I always say that 10 minutes of exercise is better than none. 20 is better than 10. And so on. Same goes for a meal. If you really don’t have a choice, and you can somehow manage to get part of a healthy meal, vs. a full UN-healthy meal, then your efforts will definitely pay off!
  10. Speaking of focusing on what you CAN do… grocery shop and meal prep. These are super easy things that will leave you feeling empowered about the choices you’re making for your body. Speaking of – did you catch the ninja meal prep tips I posted on my Instagram the other day? If not, CLICK HERE and check them out. (Feel free to hit that follow button as well! I share a lot of tips, tricks and hacks over there as well!)
  11. Set your alarm clock when you don’t have anywhere to go. I know what you’re thinking… WHYYYYYY?? WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I DO THIS?! Because. Because a sure fire way to stay motivated and moving forward is to get stuff done. Create a home-to-do list the night before. Set your alarm clock and get up and just DO THE DAMN THINGS! 🙂
  12. Create FUN! I know this sounds completely lame. But if this year hasn’t taught us to come up with new ways of doing things, then I don’t know what will. Play more music, have a dance party in your kitchen, run around your back yard with your dogs… are just a few things that you can do in the moment that are free and will get those endorphins going.

SO! I know that’s kind of a laundry list, but the reality is that not every single technique is going to work for every, single, person. Therefore, the good news is that you can pick and choose what resonates…

There’s also a chance that you might be rolling your eyes thinking that you’ve heard it all before. And you might have.

But are you doing all of it is the real question.

Be honest with yourself!

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