How to Boost Immunity with Herbs

Learning how to boost immunity with herbs can be so helpful for balancing the body. Getting a leg up on boosting and guarding your immune system takes a long term approach. The main focus should not be the discounted elderberry syrup offered in the 87 “how to deal with pandemic” emails that we’ve all received for months now. You feel me?!

While we know that essential micronutrients like Vitamin C are proven to act as an antioxidant. They assist with collagen synthesis, support adrenals,  immunity, and more. It’s just not THE magic potion that will keep everything away. Some actually react negatively to too much vitamin C, but we’ll save that for another day. We can also avoid all of this because there is so much we can do for ourselves when we learn how to boost immunity with herbs.

So it’s the 20k foot view that matters. What does this mean? “Resetting” both physically and mentally; approaching this by not only supporting immunity, but *strengthening* our entire immune system for the long haul.

Let’s set the “proven” supplements aside for a second…

My unique approach in my practice for over 13 years is always food first. You’re going to eat anyways (hopefully…) so some simple restructuring of your everyday food choices is super effective.

Herbs are powerful and do so many wonderful things! Learning how to boost immunity with herbs is just one of them. I guarantee they’re also not sold out online or even from your local health food stores. In fact, maybe the leaves might double as TP. lol

Let’s talk about the savory ones!  Sage, Oregano, Basil, Rosemary… not only are they delicious, each of these have properties that contribute to being anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory; AND they’re antioxidant producing. They have the ability to add major immune benefit while of course adding flavor to many dishes you’re likely already making! 

Use them in cooking various types of meats; specifically chicken, beef, pork and if you’re daring, venison. Any cuts of your choice, though I’ll tell you that it’s super easy to use a mix of them with any type of slow cooked roast. They’re also amazing with fish and seafood!

You an also load up either steamed or roasted veggies. If you’ve been doing the same thing for a while, then choosing one or two to add on a weekly basis can break the monotony up of the typical food boredom that I know is so common works very well.

These herbs are also amazing in salad dressings!  Or, in sauces like pesto. CLICK HERE to check out my dairy free pesto recipe. A quick, easy salad dressing… use a base of Olive Oil, add a dash of basil, garlic and sea salt. Then add some tang to it with fresh lemon juice or Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. SO good!

Ginger… another favorite of mine!
I primarily use ginger with pork, chicken and seafood. However, ginger also works works in smoothies as well as chia pudding. Or if you love your coffee or tea ritual, organic Ginger tea is a great option as well.

Get this!  Did you know that you can add the water from freshly boiled ginger into the bath to make an amazing detox bath? Side note: this is actually a great combo with Epsom Salt for detox + muscle recovery!

Speaking of teas… Peppermint and Fennel are extremely easy to come by and are both delicious. (When choosing any tea, you always want to choose organic. Tea is one of the most contaminated foods in our food supply with pesticides and fungicides. Both of these will negatively impact gut health, as well as immune function.) Fresh Fennel is actually great roasted, in stir fry (Immune Boosting Stir Fry recipe coming SOON) and even eaten raw with almond or pecan butter just like you would celery!

Last and not least for now… Cilantro. Definitely another favorite in any season. Great to add a Mexican flare to your dishes. Or to add a super fresh flavor to any salad. Oh and this definitely is not for the faint hearted, but I do have an amazing Cilantro Smoothie recipe as well! 

I hope this was helpful!  I’m so excited you’re on board for really looking at this whole “immune boosting/ immune strengthening” thing as a long term strategy. As you’re experimenting with these new ideas, I’d love for you to tag me in your stories so I can see how things go! TONS more coming on this as well.  There might even be an in depth FREE guide in the works 😉 Would this be of interest? Let me know!

Stay well!  Xoxo

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PS – we will definitely be chatting all things immune supplements in the future. What works and what to NOT waste your money on. If that is a topic that excites you before then, feel free to CLICK HERE to check out a few of my favorites!