Snack Ideas for Kids

KIDS AND FOOD! Such an important topic! Your kids are OUR future!  Sounds cliché, right?  I agree, though quite frankly it is the honest truth!  There are so many schools that have cut activities such as recess and PE and on top of that, are simply feeding our kids foods that are not really food.
My personal definition of Real Food is… “Foods in their original state, how nature intended, with their nutrients & enzymes intact so they impact the body energetically & physiologically to positively support all body systems.  *Remember, Real Food regulates mood, hunger & behavior.”
That said, this explains why we see such a struggle with kids who are overweight as well as kids with behavioral problems such as ADD and ADHD.
“Let food be thy medicine, let medicine be thy food.”  -Hippocrates
Here are some snack solutions for your kids:

  • Apple slices with almond butter
  • String cheese… or, even better, raw cheddar!
  • Turkey or beef jerky (nitrate, nitrite free!)
  • Homemade Trail Mix: unsweetened dried or dehydrated fruit, coconut flakes, nuts, sunflower or pumpkin seeds, cacao nibs (vary recipes!)
  • Celery or carrots with hummus or a homemade ranch / cheese spread
  • Rice cakes or rice crackers (healthier than a lot of options out there) with almond or peanut butter
  • Greek yogurt (full fat, plain) with berries & nuts (add stevia)
  • Avocados… more potassium than a banana!
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Pumpkin Seeds – high protein, 2nd highest food source of zinc

Trial & Error…

  • Test taste buds, don’t take “NO” upon first try!

Note: when kids are accustomed to sweet, sugary cereals, cookies and candy, it takes time to adjust.

  • Might need to adjust macro nutrient ratios depending on child’s needs.
  • Vary foods weekly; same foods cause sensitivities!
    Drop me a line if you have any questions or would like some recipe ideas! Dani at Nutrition the Natural Way .com