Should I Take Minerals?

This is Sacramento CA Nutritionist Dani Conway on Minerals! As you may already know, vitamins have many important functions in the body.  In this article, you’ll get some specifics about the functions of the various minerals as well.   Realize that “products” rarely provide the same synergistic powers as their “real food” counterparts.  Meaning, if you take Vitamin C from a bottle, it might not be as effective as keeping food sources of Vitamin C in your diet on a very regular basis. Whether you are gluten free, keto nutrition or follow what to eat for your Metabolic Type, be sure to get a wide variety of nutrients!

So, this is just a quick outline of the major minerals and their primary roles in the body, along with the best food sources for each.
Calcium: Gives structure and strength to bones and teeth.  Maintains health of heart, nerve and muscle tissue.
Food Sources: Sesame seeds, leafy greens, almonds, dairy.
Sodium: Helps regulate fluid balance in the body.
Food Sources: Celery, beets, carrots, sea vegetables.
Copper: Maintains healthy red blood cells, bone and nervous tissue.  May help protect against Osteoporosis.
Food Sources: Beets, cherries, grapes, honey, melons, oranges, pineapples.
Sulfur: Enzyme reactions, protein building.  Formation of collagen for healthy elastic skin.
Food Sources: Leafy greens, raspberries, radishes, sea vegetables.
Iodine: Supports growth, metabolism, tissue repair.
Food Sources: Garlic, honey, lettuce, fish oil, sea vegetables.
Iron: Enables oxygen transport in the blood and muscles.  Maintains energy.  Supports nerves.  Aids liver function.
Food Sources: Raspberries, strawberries, watermelon, apples, parsley, leafy greens, red meat.
Magnesium: Maintains bones and teeth.  Protects against epilepsy, heart disease, hypertension, PMS, osteoporosis, mental illness.  Relaxes.
Food Sources: Almonds, leafy greens, apples, bananas, beets, oranges, cacao.
Manganese: Helps protein and fat metabolism.  Keeps cell membranes healthy.  May protect against diabetes, heart disease, epilepsy, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis.
Food Sources: Bananas, blackberries, carrots, celery, ginger, oranges, pears, nuts.