Keto Diet Workout Mistakes

There’s a ton of controversy about whether one should workout on Keto.

Keto Diet workout mistakes are very common. And the most common one I see? Is 100% not working out AT ALL!! Advantages of weight training and HIIT are important regardless of what “diet” or lifestyle one is following. It’s incredibly important for improving metabolism, building strength and to prevent aging. Muscle is the most metabolically active tissue we have! It’s also important for hormone and joint health. We naturally lose 2-3% of muscle per decade as we age. 

Sometimes exercise seems simple. Just move around to keep your body strong and healthy. However, it can feel confusing depending on goals. Am I right?!

Making these various mistakes are common at any level. Especially when getting back into a regular routine… hello January!

The biggest nutrition and Keto Diet workout mistakes I see when people say they can’t workout on Keto are. Not enough electrolytes causing fatigue. And, getting enough protein for recovery.

Now let’s chat about some of the other Keto Diet workout mistakes I see…

Doing Partial Reps… A rep is a repetition of a certain exercise in your routine. It can be anything from a bicep curl to a bench press or a squat. Changing up rep numbers based on weight is great for challenging yourself, but poor range of rep motion, makes any effort ineffective when your goal is improving strength, building muscle and more.

Overusing Cardio And Underusing Weights… this is probably the most common mistake I see with women because the fear of getting too big or bulky is real. The first inclination for those who want to lose some pounds is hopping on the elliptical, treadmill, or bike to burn calories. Of course, cardio has its benefits, but remember, “resistance training is key for body re-shaping!”

Just a few more Keto Diet workout mistakes for you…

Using Too Much Weight… on the flip-side, there is a fine line between overexertion and challenge. You also want to avoid burnout. Keep in mind that form is key for being effective – even if it means *only* lifting 5 lbs. Actual weight is only relative to what works for your individual body!

Repetition… Some is good. Too much and the body will adapt and plateau. This is true with diet as well.  If you have repeated the same workout routine for months, just like if you’re eating the same foods over and over again, then you are making a huge mistake. I recommend changing up your routine every 4-6 weeks. You don’t have to change everything completely; you can just tweak a few things once in a while.

Here’s my top secret strategy for you…

Avoid comparisons when training and keep in mind that what matters for achieving long term results, both for exercise AND nutrition, is finding exactly what works for YOU.

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