The Vitamin D Controversy

The Vitamin D controversy is real!  In fact, the controversy over the use of supplementation in general is real as well.

Here are 3 little facts that you may not realize about Vitamin D…

1 – There are Vitamin D receptors on every cell in the body.  This means that Vitamin D is an important piece of *multiple* things happening on a cellular level. … On a level that you cannot see, but you can feel. Think low energy, brain fog, poor mood and more.

2 – Vitamin D calms the immune system.  How many people do you know who are struggling with “auto immune” *whatever* and have truly LOW Vitamin D.  I say auto immune whatever because I don’t actually care about a diagnosis. All I actually care about when clients have “chronic fatigue,” or XYZ symptom and can’t lose weight, is finding out WHY your immune system is attacking itself.

3 – *OPTIMAL* Vitamin D range is 80-100. Not 20-40!!!  Don’t let your doctor scare you about your Vitamin D level.  The “normal” reference range starts at 30.  THIS IS LOW!!!  The reason it starts at 30 is because the reference ranges on bloodwork are based on the population.  And much of the population is not operating at optimal for anything, let alone just Vitamin d.

While the sun is a great source, of course it still freaks people out. The reality is that it also may not raise your levels as quickly as you’d like to heal + rebalance your body from the inside out. 

Supplementation is definitely helpful!  When you have the right bioavailable formulation.  Translation: a formula that actually works.

Ready to optimize those Vitamin D levels, and SO much more!

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