Healthy Recipes for Gut Health

I know better than anyone that drudging through dreaded digestive issues can feel truly unbearable. It can feel absolutely impossible to find any healthy recipes for gut health. In fact, it can feel more like you pretty much can’t have anything on the planet! Can you relate?

Whether or not you’re struggling with active digestive issues, we definitely want to implement some preventative strategies to either avoid them in the future, or, stop them from getting any worse. I have personally been on both ends of the spectrum which is why I’ve been specializing in gut health for 16 years.

For those who do not need to eliminate all plants and do something like the Carnivore Diet, eating seasonally is a great way to ensure a variety of nutrients for gut microbiome as well as to avoid creating your own food sensitivities by eating the same foods over and over again.

Speaking of gut microbiome, did you know that we have trillions of bacteria in our gut that are all responsible for SO many different things? Everything from making vitamins and minerals. To bacteria that have a full time relationship with determining our weight loss (or gain!) abilities. To playing an integral role with hormone health. And TONS more.

In the context of eating seasonally for a wide variety of nutrients, it’s all of these foods that are available throughout the different seasons that will contribute to a wide variety of healthy gut microbiome.

Now as far as healthy recipes for gut health, I specifically want to chat about salads because many only think of salads as a summer thing, which it definitely is! That said, you can change up the way you make your salad to be festive for all seasons.

There are tons of herbs and spices that will not only help change up the flavor of your foods, but they also can contribute to everything from rebalancing digestion to warming the body during cold months, and more.

So, do some experimentation! Try topping arugula with fresh ginger and an olive oil and garlic based dressing for a salad that will warm your body from the inside out.

Add a mix of steamed veggies such as cooked green beans and winter squash, once they cool, for a winter salad twist that will also help with digestion as raw veggies alone can be difficult for some people.

The other thing to consider is that Macronutrient needs can change seasonally as well. This gives us the green light to add a mix of heavier salad additions such as avocado, feta cheese and sunflower or pumpkin seeds.

Obviously the avocado, cheese and seeds are great additions year round if you’re not on an elimination diet such as the Carnivore Diet. Some clients report that their bodies crave a lighter approach during the summer, just choosing one at a time.

I know eating intuitively can sound really scary. Especially if you’re like the hundreds of women I’ve worked with who are just tired of the guesswork, and confused about what exactly IS the right thing for their body and metabolism.

I promise it doesn’t have to be this way. I actually also know from first hand experience. CLICK HERE to read a little more about my story.

I’ve helped hundreds of midlife women truly rejuvenate their bodies from the inside out. Optimizing hormones, gut health and SO much more!

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