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Take the guesswork out of your evolving health journey so you can stop restrictive yo-yo dieting, feel confident in your skin, and finally get the 
REAL RESULTS you’ve worked so hard for!


Whether you’re beginning your health journey or you’ve tried every diet, weight-loss program, and recipe book under the sun, I want to help you create a personal and lasting solution that puts the power back in your hands.

As a health-conscious woman over 40, I’m sure you’re craving a deeper understanding of how to improve your metabolism and feel incredible in your body – without relying on another trendy, “use hope as a strategy” weight loss diet plan.

It all begins with the 4 Pillars to Weight Loss and Wellness


Nutrition is truly the foundation for everything we do. I support my clients with a “meat based, plants optional” approach, to find what’s right for their individual body and metabolism!


The core of confidence comes from feeling strong and sexy 
in your own skin! Age has no limits to improving body composition; and finally achieving optimal weight
 loss + fat loss goals.


Mindset is a challenging area for many women! I’ll teach you the best mindset tips, hacks and strategies to improve your health results inside and out!


There’s no shame in wanting to look your strongest and sexiest at any age! We will use functional testing to rebalance those annoying, physiological symptoms such as excessive hunger, cravings, insomnia, bloating, gas, constipation and diarrhea to PMS, hot flashes, and more!

I’ve helped thousands of women ranging from ages 30-70 to transform their bodies because I believe you can reclaim your sexy at ANY stage of life!


Dani Conway

The magic happens when you really dial in the exact combination of both high protein and high fat that is right for your individual body and metabolism!


Food is so much more than calories.  It’s the energy that our bodies truly understand on a cellular level. By amping up healthy fats in the amount that the body thrives on, we can easily switch into burning fat for fuel, which leads to increased energy, weight loss + fat loss and more!


Protein is a building block for SO many things!  It helps curb hunger, while reducing sneaky cravings at the same time. The right amount of protein supports hormones, muscle mass, boosts metabolism + weight loss, improves energy and more. Just like fat, I’ll help you determine the right amount of protein for YOU!

The key is to uncover your customized macros to rebalance your body and metabolism. This is where I come in.

Are you ready to ditch the diet mentality, boost your metabolism and stop the cravings so you can finally drop the weight?! Then click the button below to get started!


Once we work together, you’ll receive a
customized weight loss + wellness plan to help you:

Ditch the Diet Mentality

A 100% personalized Low Carb/ Keto/ Carnivore Macronutrient approach designed to speed up metabolism, while allowing you to eat more and weigh less!

Boost Your Metabolism

Build muscle and increase strength so you can BURN FAT + feel fit and confident, both inside and out!

Improve Energy & Confidence

No afternoon energy crashes, trick foods, complicated recipes, or trick meal plans… just simple strategies that work!

Crush Your Cravings

A holistic approach to rebalancing your body from the inside out. Ditch the cravings, irritability, anxiety, depression, hot flashes, weight gain and more.

Longevity + Long Term Health

Say goodbye to hair loss, joint pain, skin problems, weak nails, digestive issues and more. Turn “normal” lab results + feeling like crap into truly OPTIMAL and thriving!

Lose AND Maintain Weight Loss!

Your “normal” lab work could be keeping you from your goals. We will find the actual root cause so you can go from fat, fatigued and depressed to energetic, fit and confident. Stop starving and start living!

I actually broke my weight loss plateau a few weeks into the program… down 3 lbs.!
Soon after Dani came into my life as an equestrian client, I started gathering keto info, tips and tools from her social media posts. I had been carb free (meaning I didn’t eat bread, pasta, etc) and dairy free for a long time and I was eating a lot of fruit (sugar)… all because I thought that was healthy. I...
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Down 9 lbs.!! This program has such great information. Prior to this, I was defaulting to just ‘carnivoring harder’ and beating myself up; and that wasn’t working. I’m sleeping better, feeling better and digestion is better! Thank you Dani, I’m looking forward to continuing this journey with you with one on one coaching.
R.T. Florida
Dani was highly recommended and I loved that she tests instead of guessing what’s going on like many others out there. My gut is healed, my sugar cravings are gone and I’ve learned the exact balance of protein and fat my body needs. Excessive hair loss is gone as well! Thank you Dani!!
S.W. Texas - Latest

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This highly exclusive + customized program is designed for women who feel like they’re doing everything right… and they’re still frustrated, overweight and exhausted!

Our work together will include one on one virtual sessions, customized Macro formula, targeted functional testing and bloodwork, along with individually tailored rebalancing protocols for optimal results; private Q&A, 
and more!

I will show you how to eat more, weigh less and stop the food stress!!

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Weight Loss Accelerator Program

This results oriented group program is for women who want to get off the weight loss plateau; or for those who are truly ready to up level their Keto or Carnivore results!

When you join this transformational program, you’ll receive customized Macros, both group and individual coaching in a group setting, video sessions you won’t want to miss, strategies and hacks that actually work, like “Metabolic Reset,” and SO much more!

If you’re ready for real and lasting results, click below to JOIN US!

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“I’ve been stagnant on my weight loss for years. I’m so thrilled to report that I’m down close to 10 lbs.!!! I thought I was doing everything right. This is definitely my happy dance for finally seeing the scale move!”


Hi there, I’m Dani.

Board Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Functional Blood Work Specialist, Weight Loss, Hormone, and Gut Health Expert

I’m an ex-overweight yo-yo dieter, turned Board Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner, nationally recognized thought leader, and passionate meat-eater with almost two decades of experience in holistic and alternative health, focusing on rebalancing the body from the inside-out.

With passion, first-hand experience, and more resilience than I ever thought I had, I’ve found my purpose guiding frustrated women through a “food first” approach to uncover (and sustain) the right customized Macros and unique blend of “high fat + high protein,” with the right protocols, that rebalances their hormones, heals their gut, helps them drop the extra weight and TONS more!

You can absolutely reach your weight loss and wellness goals at this very stage of your life!


Are you ready to get RESULTS once and for all?

No matter how stuck, frustrated, or downright hopeless you feel right now, you can absolutely create the healthy, fit body you want at this very stage of your life!

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