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The Kalish Method

Through functional Body Testing we combine the best of science and nature – completely avoiding the “Ready, Fire, Aim” approach that you’re used to with most other health practitioners.  NO MORE GUESSWORK!  Measure your metabolism and get a bird’s eye view of what’s going on INSIDE your body.
On a good note, I did start my period and I am feeling so normal this month!  Yippee…that’s a big one for me as I [negatively] anticipated it coming!”    ~M.B.
Clinical lab testing and functional medicine testing gives you the accurate results you’re looking for!
Through functional medicine testing, we assess the body using the 3 body systems and recommend the appropriate body testing for YOU accordingly.  The 3 body systems are:
1- The Hormone System
2- The Digestive System
3- The Detoxification System
Strengthen immune system, reverse disease, slow down aging and improve mental clarity.  Think for a moment what improving each of these would do for the health of you and your family… your kids would get sick less often.  You could avoid the Diabetes and Heart Disease that have run through your family.  You would have true mental clarity everyday and be able to function on little to no caffeine or energy drinks daily and much more.
Do any of these symptoms sound familiar?
• Fatigue
• Weak immune system
• Headaches & Migraines
• Infertility
• Unexplained weight gain and/ or…
• Menopausal weight gain
• Uncontrollable food cravings
• Stomach pain and bloating
• Chronic constipation
• Dermatitis, Eczema or skin acne
• Stomach bloating after meals
• Heartburn and indigestion
• Thyroid symptoms
• Inflammation… Arthritis, Colitis, Gastritis, Tendonitis… etc.
• Or, you’ve simply lost the energy to “diet” because NOTHING seems to work.
In Latin the word symptom means signal.  This is the exact purpose of a symptom… it gives you a signal that something is happening in the body and needs some attention.  In this case, a symptom is a good thing!
**It is an introduction that will guide us to finding the underlying cause.
As a qualified practitioner of The Kalish Method, Nutrition Expert Dani Conway of Nutrition the Natural Way has trained under one of the best Functional Medicine doctors in the country.  Dr. Daniel Kalish, DC has been in practice for over 15 years.  (Read more about Dr. Kalish here: http://www.kalishresearch.com/bio.html)
Dani is a true believer in continuing her education regularly so that she is
serving her clients with the most current programs possible.  Dani is mentored
regularly by Dr. Kalish and brings the value of this mentorship back to her