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The Hormone System

The Hormone System is a major control system in the body.  Hormones regulate
energy production, fat burning and act as a mood stabilizer.  Hormone imbalance is common among women and men suffering from weight issues, headaches, fatigue and depression; digestive issues and more.  Hormone imbalances in women most commonly show up as PMS and menopause symptoms.
**Society has taught us that PMS and hot flashes are “the norm” for most women
depending on their age.  The reality is that neither periods nor menopause symptoms are supposed to be uncomfortable and painful!
I felt like a different person once a month!  Once I started incorporating some
small changes, I slowly began to feel like myself again throughout the entire month.  The lab based mood support programs are phenomenal.  This has really helped with all of my relationships.

~Christy Peterson, Age 36; Carlsbad, CA
Did you know Synthetic Hormones can be dangerous and very expensive?  Birth
control pills are included in this category.  The synthetics can actually cause long term hormone imbalances leading to more unexplained stress and anxiety.  Manage stress and you can help to balance hormones.
We know you’re tired of unexplained menopausal weight gain and hormone imbalances.  Properly balanced hormones at any age will lead to natural weight loss!  Learn some of the most natural remedies for menopause symptoms and other hormone issues aside from the Hormone Replacement Therapy that your healthcare provider is offering you.  YOU have the power to CHOOSE!
All natural weight loss and easy stress management will occur
as a result of having balanced hormones.  And, having healthy hormones
is one of the most valuable and successful weight loss tips you will ever need!  That is our commitment and promise to you… what are you waiting for?! 
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