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Super Market Tours

“Thanks for the Whole foods tour today – I do feel more enlightened and will be more confident when I go shopping next time.  Love all the new healthy options I never considered before.  I’m encouraged.”  ~Sharon W.
Sacramento CA Nutritionist and Owner of Nutrition the Natural Way, super-market-4Dani Conway, launches Grocery Tours in Sacramento CA, Roseville CA and surrounding areas. These tours through local supermarkets are designed to educate consumers and fight deceptive food labels. Misinformation and loopholes in the FDA food labeling laws are all deceiving the masses and contributing to our nation’s obesity epidemic.
“These people are dying and looking for answers. I’m not just another dietician who says “cut this out and count your calories.” My goal is to educate and empower people to take control of the way their body looks and feels” explains Dani, with over 17 years of experience in the health and wellness and fitness industry.
Here are some of the topics that are covered:
1. Hidden Fats. Loopholes in the food labeling law allow the food industry to label a product which is entirely made up of fat as “fat free” People need to know how to spot hidden fats.
2. Hidden Sugar. The food industry also deceives consumers by replacing fat with sugar and labeling it “fat free.” Sugar can also be hidden in our food because it is called many different names which is confusing to consumers. People also need to know the difference between “sugar free” and “no sugar added.”
3. Supportive Nutrition. A supportive meal is one that supports the speeding of your metabolism. It provides material from which one can build and maintain cells, one which allows us to maintain a balance of hormone production allowing for on going fat release; as well as one which provides adequate “highly thermogenic” fuel for energy production. People need to know the components of a supportive meal and not be duped into the latest diet craze.
4. Identifying Quality Food Selections. Super markets are usually laid out in the same format. Generally, there are good sections and bad sections. We educate you on how to locate these quality sections for their food choices.
super-market-1-150x150       super-market-2-150x150        super-market-3-150x150
Super market tours are held at different locations through out the Sacramento CA area. You are encouraged to reserve your spot for a supermarket tour by calling 916.234.NTNW (6869). There are 8 spots open per tour and tours are typically held on a week night around 6 pm and last 1 hour.  Private tours are available as well to all MVP clients!
Sacramento CA Nutritionist Dani of Nutrition the Natural Way is making a huge difference and helping to combat the miss-information from both the food and fitness industries. “The Nutrition & Fitness Industry is the only industry in the world where almost as a rule, people fail to get what they pay for, and they blame themselves!  We give people the real answers that they need to take responsibility and make positive improvements in their health.” says Dani.