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My cutting edge, unique approach will help you break the weight plateau, optimize hormones + gut health and feel confident, so you can finally stop starving and start living! SCHEDULE TODAY –>

Ditch the YOYO!  Optimize Hormones + Metabolism.  Lose the Weight.  GAIN ENERGY!

“At 65 I finally have my libido back.  I cannot remember the last time I felt young again in this way, if you know what I mean!  Thank you SO much Dani!!  Oh and my husband says thank you too!!” S.J. – Sacramento, CA

  • Customized Fat:Protein / Protein: Fat, Cyclical Macronutrient approach for sustainable weight loss.
  • Eat more to stop the sugar crashes once and for all.  Eliminate ALL food & sugar cravings!
  • Optimize your hormones + metabolism so you can increase energy, burn fat and finally sleep soundly!
  • Learn the best strategies to increase muscle mass, strength and achieve ideal body composition.
  • Rebalance hormones so you can reverse PCOS, thyroid issues, infertility, long term migraines and more.
  • Eliminate the digestive issues such as bloating, gas, constipation, anxiety, depression and more that are slowing you down.

One on One Coaching:

In my private practice, I work “one on one” with clients to focus on achieving permanent results based on their individual goals.  I have a 100% customized approach through my #UNdiet Fat Loss Formula that will finally give you the weight loss results you’ve been working so hard for.  No more guesswork!  You’ll learn the correct ratios of fat:protein / protein: fat that YOUR body needs to optimize hormones + metabolism for fat loss, and much more! 

We will dive in beyond nutrition to get to the root cause of additional symptoms through targeted functional testing and bloodwork designed to see exactly what’s going on with hormones, gut-health, detoxification, and more! 

You will no longer have to deal with low energy, weight loss + insulin resistance, food/ sugar cravings, 3pm energy crashes, irritability; PMS, low libido, or hot flashes and night sweats.

You will finally eliminate the annoying digestive issues like bloating, constipation, nausea and more.

If you’re tired of the YOYO diets. If you’re feeling shameful about all the things that you’ve tried that haven’t worked, and you still want to lose weight or change body composition, I’m here to help you!!  Please don’t think that because you’re a certain age that you no longer deserve to achieve these goals.  My clients range from early 30s to late 70s because I believe that we can reclaim our sexy at ANY stage of life!

I’ve helped hundreds of women get off the same struggle bus.  I CAN HELP YOU TOO!

“I can’t believe that I fit into my size 8 jeans on Christmas Day… and they were actually a little big on me. I’m down almost 20 lbs. since starting the Course.  Oh and I’m so excited that my wedding ring finally fits me again.  I was determined *not* to have it re-sized!”
-Rochelle, Virginia

If you’re tired of feeling fat, fatigued, or frustrated, I get it – I was too!

All of my cutting edge programs are science backed, holistically based and strategically created. There is nothing like this out there that address the exact 4 steps you need for SUCCESS. 

This is a truly comprehensive, metabolic rebalancing approach, so you can finally burn fat and lose weight if desired; eliminate cravings and gain the energy you need to stop starving and start living!

Results from around the globe!

I’m fairly certain I was completely starving my body.  You have given me so much amazing info!”  ~ Blaire 

Very excited to report I’m down 5 lbs. just 3 weeks into the program. More importantly, I’m happy to have less hot flashes and better sleep! Really excited about my overall health!”  ~ Diane

…I love your ideas, ‘Q&A’ sessions and food ideas! Especially the fat bombs! Your program is a huge eye opener for someone who thinks they’re eating healthy. I’m glad to have gained the knowledge on how to truly take my nutrition and fitness to the next level. I never realized how related they really are.”  ~ Kim

Let’s figure out if this is for YOU!

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Not ready for one on one coaching yet? It’s totally OK.
Hundreds of women LOVE my online program options as well…

“OMG this online group has been so liberating!!”  Says client C.P. who is finally sleeping better because she learned how to intuitively change up protein:fat ratios based on where she is in her menstrual cycle!

The online programs are great for busy women on the go.

**Next online program coming Fall of 2022 or Early 2023** 

((More info coming soon to this page!))

When I joined this course, I thought I knew what “Keto” was.  And I was SO wrong.  Dani tore down all of the “Keto lies” and helped me rebuild a solid foundation to stand proud with my new knowledge.  I lost 14 lbs. bringing my total weight loss to almost 60 lbs.
~ Kathy B., Missouri

Dani, you have given me my life back. Your guidance along with the functional testing has been the best money that I have spent.  Thank you!
~ Julie R. Ohio

“…Dani, I’m thrilled with your education and insight. I love learning more about how my body operates to its optimum. My body LOVES fat! Your passion and expertise is celebrated and truly treasured.”

~ Diane P.  Roseville, CA

Have more questions? Great! Let’s chat!  If you’re not sure if this program is for YOU, let’s book a Discovery call so we can determine the best next steps.  Click to contact me.