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Functional Nutrition Practitioner & Equestrian Athlete Dani Conway helps women ditch the diet, lose weight, gain energy & improve equestrian sports performance! 

Functional Nutrition Practitioner, and Equestrian Athlete, Dani Conway helps women ditch the diet, lose weight, gain energy and improve equestrian sports performance.  She is a leader in the Ketogenic Diet and Low Carb arenas of the nutrition industry.  Prior to her 12+ years in private nutritional coaching practice, she had her own story to tell.  This is what catapulted her into helping hundreds of people ditch the diet, lose weight, gain energy and improve sports performance; specifically working with equestrian athletes!  Her own gut-wrenching experiences of yoyo dieting and following the masses with “one sized fits all” programs, failed all of her personal efforts.  This is exactly what led her to discover that there was more than one culprit at play that was helping to sabotage her own fat loss efforts.

While she works with all types of clients, her primary focus is helping busy women, and equestrian athletes, get off the yoyo diets, lose weight, build muscle and gain the energy needed to truly improve sports performance!  She specializes in a customized approach to finding your ideal Macro Formula for your body and metabolism.  Sometimes a Ketogenic – Low Carb Nutrition approach is exactly her women clients need.  And many times she determines that the Keto Diet is not right for that individual person.  Regardless, she believes that feeling comfortable in your skin is super important to long lasting results!


“OMG this nutritional plan is so liberating!” says Dani’s client, S.M. who learned that she would do better eating 60-80g of carbs daily than the 20g of net carbs of a strict Keto Diet.

Dani has developed the exclusive #UNdiet Fat Loss Formula!

Dani has developed the exclusive #UNdiet Fat Loss Formula!  The #UNdiet Fat Loss Formula is a results-oriented weight loss plan that dials in metabolic nutrition + rebalancing hormones + balanced digestion.  She works with busy women, as well as equestrian athletes, ranging in age from 21 – 60.  So whether you’re a busy woman trying to rebalance your weight and hormones.  Or are you an equestrian athlete looking to next level your riding performance in and out of the ring, Dani can help.

As a Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Dani initially works with her women clients, creating an individual, metabolically-based nutrition plan.  The focus here is long term weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain and performance.  She also uses various strategies to get to the root cause of what’s needed to rebalance hormones AND digestion.  Both of which play integral parts of lasting weight loss results.  (All of her experience, nutrition + functional testing certifications are listed below.)

Imagine if you lost the weight and fit into one small size in your closet.  Imagine if your breeches fit better and you’re more comfortable in your skin!  Imagine not feeling plagued by bloating, low energy, dealing with HANGRY afternoons, PMS and irritability.  Imagine if you stopped stressing about food, what to buy at the grocery store and what you’re going to throughout your long barn days as well as a horse show for weeks at a time.

“I’ve also expanded my practice offering customized nutrition coaching to equestrian athletes as well.  As a rider myself for most of my life, it’s quite common to feel  misunderstood about what goes into a barn day, a show day and how to fuel properly for both.  They can be quite different.  Then combining those factors with regular life, managing home, travel and much more is incredibly challenging.  Historically barn and horse show food is crap.  We’ve cared so much about what our horses eat and then shoved fast food in our faces because that’s all we had time for.  Quite frankly, years ago we didn’t know better.  Now we do!  We must change this culture.  If we want to perform better IN the saddle, we must do the things OUT of the saddle, like focusing on equestrian sports performance nutrition, that will make a positive difference so we can win in and out of the show ring!  As a busy equestrian athlete, I know you don’t have time to figure out what’s best.  That’s where I come in!  I will do this heavy lifting for you, creating a customized plan that is adapted to your own equestrian athlete schedule.”  -Dani Conway, FDN, KMP, MT Advisor

STOP WAITING!!  Your time is NOW!

Dani is a complete expert at helping her women clients rebalance mood and hormone balance issues.  Helping to improve energy levels; along with eliminating digestive issues.  She is extremely professional and intuitively knows how to guide each client down the correct path.  She truly has succeeded in helping her women clients turn the corner in achieving wellness, weight control and better performance.  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!  CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE YOUR #UNdiet Nutrition & Wellness Audit Session!


Clean delicious food is what Dani is passionate about!  She is amazing at creating new recipes, along with re-vamping the most seemingly sinful and decadent ones.  She is an expert turning recipes into something you don’t have to feel guilty about!  She has been featured multiple times on both Good Day Sacramento as well as Fox 40.  CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE or HERE to check out just a couple of her segments!

Dani has a HUGE online Keto Sports Nutrition Community following as well through social media!  CLICK HERE to join!

I came into the nutrition and weight loss industry because of my own problems.  Food cravings, weight gain, hormone issues, digestive problems and more.  I realized that if I could find alternative ways to successfully lose the weight and lose the cravings, I could help others as well.  I knew I was not the only one struggling with lack of answers.  My struggles affected my ability to ride horses in my 20s and I was not willing to let that stop me for the rest of my life.  Holistic nutrition and alternative health have truly changed everything for me!” says Dani Conway, whose expertise stems from having studied with some of the top holistic practitioners in the holistic health, nutrition and functional medicine fields.

Are you stuck in a fat loss rut and need some answers?  Email or call Dani TODAY to schedule your Initial Consultation at (619) 972-8277.


  • B.A., San Diego State University, Psychology
  • Certified C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coach II
  • Advanced Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisor
  • Keto & Intermittent Fasting Coach

  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner
  • Performance Nutrition for Equestrian Athletes

  • Kalish Method Practitioner
  • Ketogenic Diet & Metabolic Therapies

  • Ongoing continuing education, along with mentoring by experts in the fields of holistic health, nutrition and functional medicine.
  • An active public speaker giving lectures and educational workshops on various topics at networking and fundraising events as well as local fitness facilities such as gyms and private studios. She also guest lectures for various local Chiropractors.


Dani Conway
Dani ConwayNutrition Practitioner

Lose the weight. Rebalance your body. Improve your strength. Build the muscle you need to improve your equestrian sports performance!

Nutrition the Natural Way is committed to an effective, real-life approach to achieving total health and wellness.  I empower my clients and teach you how to transform your body by making changes that stick.

Through proven techniques I customize programs in the areas of Performance Nutrition, Body Balancing, Wellness Goals and Lifestyle Coaching so the body responds optimally and you develop amazing vitality while reaching your ultimate success that you’re easily able to maintain for life!

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What people are saying about Dani and How She Works With Her Clients:

“I told her what I was experiencing and she assured me I was not crazy and that YES, there was something going on that she could help with!”
Malissa B. (Elk Grove, CA)
“I am at my body fat goal and have gained more knowledge about nutrition than I expected! I lost 3% body fat in about 6 weeks using Dani’s guidance. I am at my body fat goal and have gained more knowledge about nutrition than I expected!”
Amber L.,Personal Trainer (Sacramento, CA)
“I just wanted to let you know how much you have changed my life in such a short amount of time! My results have been truly amazing!!!
Allison H., Roseville, CA