Make Friends with Your Macros … Crack Your Metabolic Code Once and for All!

How to #UNdiet… Cracking Your Metabolic Code for Life!
WELCOME!!!  So glad you’re here!  Are you ready to hit the next level?  Undiet!  Crack Your Metabolic Code!  Make friends with your Macros!  Your Sexy-Success Formula!  LET’S GO!

Are you ready to UN-diet?  I was. I did.  And, I’m gonna show you HOW!   All these weight loss experts say, “you have to create a calorie deficit in order to lose weight”… First of all, as far as I’m concerned, calorie is a bad word.  So let’s fix that right now.  Energy.  Energy is a good word.  Wouldn’t you like to have more energy?

Creating an energy deficit is one thing,
but creating an energy deficit with your “Macros” in the right ratios, and in an amount that does not cause you to become one of the 7 Dwarfs… Fatty, Hangry, Moody, Bitchy, Anxious, Sleepy or Crabby, AND in an amount that you can stick with for permanent results, is something completely different!
Yes, you read that right.  PERMANENT RESULTS!  Is this new for you?  Have you tried everything, including “Keto” and still, nothing works?  Is your “Metabolic Code” still a mystery?  Don’t worry, whether this is new or you’re an experienced “Keto Dieter” or “Low Carber,” we’re gonna ‘crack your code’ once and for all.


I’m Dani Conway, Functional Nutrition & Functional Medicine Practitioner.  
Low Carb & Keto Nutrition Expert.  I know how you feel – the frustration, the endless number of diets you’ve tried, and most of all, the continuous feeling of banging your head against a brick wall.  This was my story as well…. 60+ lbs. overweight on a “fat free/ low fat” diet.  So counterintuitive, right?!  All I wanted was to be able to go shopping and buy the clothing sizes I thought should fit me.  I mean seriously, I was spending 1 1/2 – 2 hours doing “cardio” in the gym.  Daily.
I just wanted the constant hunger and food cravings to stop.  I mean, can I just not think about food?!  Please.  And I wanted the energy to get through the day without feeling like I needed caffeine or chocolate by 4pm.  It was a daily battle.  I mean, DAILY.  And (sorry Guys) but once it got to “that time of the month?”  Forget about it.  It was like an out-of-body experience.  The peanut butter and chocolate called my name.  From the store…
Cravings… ever have them?!  Holy crap mine were bad.  Ice cream was the worst.  I craved ice cream ALL. THE. TIME.  Sound familiar?  What do you crave?
Here’s the thing.  I was doing everything right.  Well, at least according to my Personal Trainer friends, who I considered pretty smart and were really good at what they did.  Along with a couple of other nutrition “experts” who I engaged.  But still minimal to no results.  I was done with the frustration.  I was done with the fatigue.  I was certainly done with being fat.  Just DONE.
This was a turning point.  This is what sent me down a path for something different.  Something had to give.  I wanted to look good and feel good.  I know, that might sound shallow.  But here’s what that really meant.  Feeling comfortable in my skin.  Seeing visual results from the hard work and time spent in the gym working out.  Would it be possible to get results with less than a 2 hour workout?  Because that wasn’t realistic long term.  I hoped for the opportunity to go clothes shopping, to find something “sassy” that fit well, and to NOT leave the store not feeling alone; or that I should’ve just gone shoe shopping instead.
I didn’t want to be too tired at the end of my work day for social activities or networking in the evening.  And if I wasn’t too tired to go out, I wanted to feel empowered if I attended an event with appetizers or in a restaurant; not anxious trying to decide what I was going to order, knowing I’d feel guilty about it the next day.  It was scary.  Ever have that anxiety or those fears?  It’s ok though.
This WAS me.  Is this YOU?

I learned that eating healthy didn’t have to be hard.
 It didn’t have to be time consuming.  And most of all, it didn’t have to consume my Every. Fucking. Thought.
Those ice cream cravings?  They were my body’s cry for help.  You’re cravings are likely telling you something you don’t even know.  Or, something that you don’t know how to translate… YET.  Wait, what??  I know what you’re thinking so let me explain.  I learned that those ice cream cravings were my body’s cry for good fats.  You know, coconut oil, avocado, butter, etc.  Basically the ones I wasn’t eating or better yet, wasn’t allowing myself to eat on a daily basis.  Because “fat makes you fat, right?!”  I was mind fucking myself – telling myself that if I ate fat, I’d stay fat.  Remember, Fatty, one of the 7 Dwarfs above.  But I mean seriously, it wasn’t really all my fault.  You’ve seen the news and you’ve seen the magazines; articles, pictures, etc.  I won’t name names, but, you know all of “those” magazines that give you the most unrealistic perception of “health?”  Barf.  Again, I was done.

Enter Functional Nutrition.
…I’m sorry, what kind of nutrition?!
Functional.  The kind of nutrition that works for you, in your life, on a daily basis.  The kind of nutrition that keeps you happy and functioning with your significant other, with your kids and your furry friends.  The kind of nutrition that fuels your fire for your passions, business or otherwise.  The kind of nutrition that keeps you engaged in your active life and hobbies.  The kind of nutrition that keeps you balanced and not feeling like a complete crazy person who needs a break from the world to get through tomorrow.  The kind of nutrition that doesn’t leave you binging on chocolate and wine at the end of the week, and that actually empowers you to achieve and maintain your fat loss and body composition goals; so that empowerment spills over into the rest of your life!  Seems impossible, right?!  And scary.  I know because I was there.  It’s just fear though.  And it’s ok; it’s a real feeling.

What would it be worth for you to have this kind of Functional Nutrition in YOUR life?!
 Are you catching my drift yet?  Seriously, think about that for a second.  Let that sink in.  What would it be worth for you, to have this kind of Functional Nutrition in YOUR life.  Stop destroying your weekly efforts on Friday and having to start over on Monday.  Know what to eat and when.  Know how to #CheatClean.  Know how much to eat to satisfy your appetite, and know that your body will tell you to stop.  Your “full function” will work!  Feel comfortable in your skin.  Be an example in your life for those around you.  Feel a sense of empowerment and happiness that you’ve never had before.  Or maybe you’ve had for a short time, and then it got a little bit lost.  You can find it again, I promise!


Breaking this Down… Low Carb, Ketogenic, Cycling Carbs, All the Carbs… and Everything in Between!
The science.  Most of you don’t care about this, but it’s worth a mention because the science and research of Ketogenic Nutrition, and its evolution to Low Carb ways of eating, have been around since the 1920’s. Way, way, way before “they” started making ridiculous claims on low fat diets along with the UN-benefits of saturated fat.  Are you afraid of fat?  Specifically saturated fat?  That’s ok.  I was too.  No worries though; I’ll show you why you need to eat fat to lose fat.  Because the right fats, in the right amounts, will not make you fat.  They will rev up your metabolism so you can achieve your body composition goals once and for all.  This is a process called Ketosis.  Ketosis is simply an elevated level of blood “ketones” that assists your body to use fat for fuel, instead of glucose and carbohydrates.  Now should you determine that a strict Ketosis Diet is not for you, or if you already know you don’t feel well or its not sustainable for your lifestyle, know that Ketosis can be achieved in two ways.  More on that later ~
Daily “MacroNutrient” intake (“Macros” for short) is what defines each of these eating variations.  Do you even know what Macros are?  Your MacroNutrients are simply protein, fat and carbs.  The true definition of a Ketogenic Diet is low carb – up to 20g carbohydrates TOTAL per day, moderate protein and high fat.  A Low Carb variation would be defined as a few more carbs than that, and adjust the protein and fat accordingly as well, though overall along the same lines…  And Carb Cycling?  Well it’s a thing but more on that later.
Cracking Your Metabolic Code… Finally, right?!  Here’s where it gets interesting.  Or, what I like to call #KetoLies.  There’s a lot of MIS-information out there. Yes, I said that outloud.  And it’s one of the biggest mistakes I see with other said “experts” out there trying to teach people how to successfully implement a Ketogenic or Low Carbohydrate diet.  You must “make friends with your Macros.”
“They” try to talk to you about high-fat, low-carb, moderate protein – lower protein – don’t eat too much protein – eat higher-fat – count total carbs – only count net carbs – blah blah blah. Get your Macros right.  Eat the right percentages.  Create a deficit.  No don’t worry about a deficit, just get your fats in.  Lots of them.
Holy freakin’ moly.  No wonder you’re confused and not getting results.  All of this, yet no one is even really defining exactly what the heck a Macro is and more importantly, why it needs to be customized for you as an individual.  Along with so many other factors to consider.

Getting Results…

I know what you’re thinking.  Why do I have to understand Macros.  Just give me the answers to how to make the Keto Diet work for ME.  Yes of course there’s a percentage of people who read briefly about the ketogenic diet and they lose a bunch of weight.  But then how many of them stall?  I know this is happening because I see it all the time with client inquiries… “Hi! Can you help me?  I’ve been following a Keto Diet for 3 months and I’ve only lost 4 lbs.”  I have countless numbers of these same inquiries.  Almost as if the same person wrote each one.  I also see this exponentially in all of these ketogenic or low carb groups that are out there, where all kinds of people, with no clinical background, are giving advice…  Would you ask your mail-person for make-up advice?  Probably not.
The Missing Link…
What we really need to understand, and quite frankly the huge missing link, is realizing that nutrients can behave differently in the body based on biochemical individuality.  This is a concept I’ve been working through with clients in clinical practice for over 10 years.  The same food(s) can raise blood sugar in one person, and not another.  The same food can make one person feel tired and the next person full of energy.  “One man’s food is another man’s poison.”  I’m not talking the obvious like French fries.  I’m still talking “Keto approved” or “healthy” foods.There are other considerations as well.  Hormone status.  Stress.  Fight or flight response.  Digestion.  Detoxification.  And more.  These fall more in the context of underlying imbalances, so we’ll save that for another time though it’s worth mentioning because this is another area I’ve worked on with hundreds of clients.Solution?…Customization & Quality!Trial and error.  I know, I know.  You want more than that.  You want THE answers.  Hold on, we’re getting there, I promise.  I know this can be scary.  It’s new territory.  I’ve just uncovered all these #KetoLies that you may have suspected.  But be honest – are you tired of doing it the way you’re doing it and not getting results?  Truth be told, it’s a process and you can either continue doing the wrong thing with no direction, or you can crack your #MetabolicCode so you have the formula you need FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!  Your body is smarter than you think!!  Let me teach you how to listen!  Don’t continue the insanity of doing the same thing with minimal or no results.  Remember, that’s how and why I had to do something different.
What to Do and Where to Begin!! 
So exciting!  Make some changes to those Macros… See and feel what happens…  Do you feel lighter or do your clothes get looser?  Does your energy get better?  Does your hunger subside or do your cravings improve?
Carbs… Believe it or not, too low carbs can cause cravings and crashes in some individuals.  Wait WHAT?!?  I know its shocking to hear this because, “Just remove almost all the carbs and you’ll feel amazing” is another #KetoLie you’ve been told.  Start by increasing your greens and other low glycemic vegetables with your meals and see how it goes!  Consider this permission!  Realize that vegetables are your best source of carbohydrates.  We’ve been programmed to think of carbohydrates only as potatoes, rice or other starches.  These are actually quite “high glycemic,” meaning that they’ll turn to sugar rapidly in the body.  Even carrots, corn and sweet potatoes are not an ideal way to increase carbs.  So again, begin with those low glycemic options… broccoli, kale, cauliflower, boy choy, Brussels sprouts; salads with romaine lettuce or even endive!  Here’s my favorite Keto or Low Carb “Super Simple Seedy Salad” recipe:
Protein… Experimentation will be helpful here as well.  Spend a week focusing on eating lighter meats such as chicken breast, along with non-meat sources, likes eggs, nuts and seeds, and/ or Greek yogurt if dairy is an option.  Then spend a week focusing on eating good quality darker meats; chicken thighs or steak.  The big fear around protein on a Keto Diet is that it will turn into sugar and kick you out of ketosis.  #KetoLies Higher amounts of protein *do not* turn to sugar in everyone.  While this process of “gluconeogenesis” is a real thing, and can be exacerbated in someone who is insulin resistant, it’s also over exaggerated as most people are not consuming 200-300g of protein daily.  My recommendation here is to begin by making sure you’re consuming a minimum of 50g of protein daily!  Most of the clients who are coming to me are not even consuming close to that amount… then they’re wondering why they cannot add or maintain muscle mass, or better yet, change body composition.  I see this over and over again through the initial Discovery Blueprint Session I do with my clients.  Protein is hugely deficient in many people on a Keto or Low Carb Diet.  Anyway, as we talked about at the beginning, its the equation of “energy.”  You must put the correct energy in your body, to get what you want out of it!
Fats… Make some adjustments to the amount of fat you’re eating.  If you’re currently on a “high fat” Keto plan, reduce that a bit and replace with some of the veggies and protein mentioned above.  Play with the amounts of each.  Note: I’m not saying reduce the fat completely!  Fats are incredibly important for hunger, satiation, moods and balanced hormones.  Be sure you’re choosing some good sources such as avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, butter or ghee.  Hint: pretty please do not get all of your fat from your “fatty coffee.”
***Take notice of the differences in energy, hunger, appetite and the way your clothes fit.  It’s a good idea to journal during these various weeks to make note of your “WINS” and how things go!  I promise what you find will surprise you, and only in the best of ways!

I’ve been working with clients on customized nutrition for over 10 years.  Trust me when I say the smallest changes can create the greatest results.  The moral of the story is that in order to “Make Friends with Your Macros,” to effectively and successfully crack your personal #MetabolicCode, you must socialize with them.  “Friend” them.  Make some changes and see how it goes.  Journal them and track what you notice!  I’m so excited for you to move in the right direction!
Quality… Very important as well…  And all too often not paid attention to on a Keto Diet.  This is a major reason why many people don’t understand how to do this correctly.  Neglecting to focus on the importance of food quality is definitely another #KetoLie.  So, be sure you’re choosing “Real Food!”  My definition of Real Food:  Foods in their original state, how nature intended, with their nutrients and enzymes intact so they impact the body energetically and physiologically to positively support all body systems.  *Remember, Real Food regulates mood, hunger & behavior.  A great example of this #KetoLie is cream cheese.  While its “ok” to use as a fat on occasion, you must look for one that is not filled with preservatives, fillers and stabilizers.  Hence not the brand that starts with a P and is a state on the East Coast…  There are SO damn many Keto recipes out there that call for cream cheese and no discussion of the importance of ingredient quality.  Look for the brand “Gina Marie” at your local stores.  I have no affiliation – its just the best one I’ve seen.
Anyway, much more to come on the topic of Food Quality!  And I’m super excited to bring you what’s up next!  Breaking down “Macros”… What really defines Protein, Carb and Fat?  Meat vs. Non-Meat.  Choice Carbs.  Good Fats.  While we know saturated fat do not cause high cholesterol, are there still “bad” fats?  And… Sweets / Sugars, this may surprise you.  We’ll look at what I call “Non-Foods” as well.

SO, until next time, I want you to seriously ask yourself… and I mean, seriously, “what’s more important… my long term results or eating only 20g of carbs per day?”  We live in a society that fears everything food!  It’s ok to recognize that fear; after all, its a real feeling.  Know that it will be ok.  You’ll get to the other side.  You finally have access to the new and improved tools you need to fill your toolbox to create long lasting energy, fat loss, focus and SO much more!
Dani Conway
“The Macro Artist”
Cert. CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Adv. Metabolic Typing Advisor
Kalish Method Functional Med. Practitioner
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
Ketogenic Nutrition & Metabolic Protocols