This Weight Loss Smoothie Bowl is like having dessert for breakfast, minus ALLLLL THE GUILT!

Yes!  It’s true!  This Weight Loss Smoothie Bowl – as seen on Good Day Sacramento – is like having dessert for your keto breakfast, minus all the guilt.  My husband even says, “This tastes like pudding!”  I’m a total foodie and finding weight loss maintenance breakfast options are life.  I’ve maintained my 65 lb. weight loss and there’s no turning back now.  In fact, this is exactly what I help my women clients with.  There are just certain things that must be incorporated into my life in order to maintain my 65 lb. weight loss results.

This is Sacramento, CA Nutritionist Dani Conway and I help women *ditch the diet* + lose stubborn weight + gain energy!  Imagine feeling freedom from food and comfort in your own skin!!  What if you didn’t have to freak out about your next meal choices.  What if your post workout breakfast kept you full and satisfied all day long?!  Imagine if your cravings were a total thing of the past.  I know what ALLLLL of this is like because I experienced it for YEARS.

…I was on this same journey myself … 65 lbs. overweight on a fat free diet.  The food cravings were agonizing and legit ran (and ruined!) my daily focus.  I was unsatisfied after a meal.  My workouts left me STARVING on a consistent basis regardless of what I ate.  My muscle recovery was sucked.  I knew living in agony over food was not an option (I was in my 20s!!) and something had to shift.  To top it off, I had tons of hormone issues and digestive problems as well.

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Recipe coming soon!!


Weight Loss Smoothie Bowl… as seen on Good Day Sacramento!!


Caution: Weight loss smoothie bowls are slightly addicting… in a good way, of course!


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