Health & Hydration

We use alkaline, healthy water with many of our clients.  As a Sacramento CA Nutritionist, I find this water works amazingly with athletes as well; weekday and weekend warrior, amateur or professional.  It has been our experience that with the use of this water, clients are experiencing results 2 – 3 times as fast with their programs than with the use of regular water.
The properties of this water allow athletes to train longer and harder with more energy, better endurance and recovery.  It properly hydrates the body and its muscles, and because of the highly efficient absorption ability, there is no bloating in the stomach, so athlete’s STAY hydrated DURING workouts and training which provides optimum health, peak performance and most importantly the Competitive Edge that all athletes are looking for.
This water is no medical or disease cure.  Our main goal is to get the body back into BALANCE and that’s what this helps to do.
This healthy water has 3 properties that make it different from the regular water you’re used to… alkalizing, micro clustering and high in antioxidants.


Here are the Benefits:
•  SUPPORTS PEAK EFFICIENCY AND MENTAL CLARITY:  This water supports good health by balancing the body… It does NOT cure disease!  The primary purpose is to STOP/ SLOW DOWN AGING.
•  HYDRATION AND DRINKABILITY:  Alkaline Water promotes the body’s appetite for water lending to proper hydration… taste and texture is “SMOOTH,”
doesn’t bloat…easier to drink.
•  MICRO-CLUSTERING:  A unique property of this Alkaline, Healthy Water. Restructured “smaller” water… again for proper hydration.  **More easily absorbed… therefore better, more effective hydration and healing of body systems through hydration.
•  NUTRITIONAL CATALYST:  Supports delivery and absorption of nutrients. Increased benefits from nutrition supplements and vitamin and mineral supplements.  Highly effective absorption and not eliminated through the stool!  **More likely to receive and utilize nutrients.  A number of peer reviewed, published scientific studies have shown that Alkaline Water will improve delivery of specific nutrition to body cells.
•  FREE RADICAL SCAVENGER:  Strengthen immune system… won’t cause oxidation or, “rust” your system the way other bottled and acidic water will!
•  DIGESTION & ELIMINATION:  Supports natural body processes of waste
elimination… 70% of population have these problems.  Is it you?
abdominal pain and bloating, bloated stomach and chronic constipation!
•  HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS Supports all natural weight loss, detoxification
weight loss and weight management.
•  SLOW DOWN AGING:  Support and strengthen immune system… encourages longevity!  Chase away cell damage causing free radicals.
The human body is an amazing creature and given the right tools it can do what was intended by nature… and that is heal itself!
Don’t believe it?  Click here to read some first hand experience of those whose lives have been changed due to this healthy water!