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Gluten Free

Gluten is one of the most offending causes of bloating, stomach gas, abdominal pain and bloating, chronic constipation, bloating after eating and much more!  Did you ever think that the fancy Whole Wheat Toast that you’re eating could be one of your causes of constipation or bloating or any of those unspeakable digestive issues?  Pay close attention… as a Sacramento CA Nutritionist, I work closely with many individuals who cannot tolerate eating gluten.  We help them with gluten free alternatives, recipes and most importantly an easy and adaptable transition into a gluten free lifestyle.
What EXACTLY is Gluten? 
Gluten is an amino acid, or protein, found in the grains of wheat, rye and barley.  Anything with these grains contains gluten.  So, if something doesn’t have wheat, rye or barley is it automatically gluten free?  The answer is NO.  You must still be very careful.  Gluten is also used in many food preservatives as a thickener as well as for other food processing purposes.
Some people who are sensitive to gluten don’t even know that they react to it!  Contrary to what is taught with regards to the food pyramid and making sure to have a diet with plenty of whole grains, gluten can have a major inflammatory effect on digestion as well as a negative effect on mood and behavior.
If you are sensitive to gluten and you continue to consume glutenous foods, you are setting yourself up for some major digestive issues.
Remember, gluten sensitivity is one of the major causes of:
• Stomach bloating after meals
• Stomach gas
• Chronic constipation
• Needing constipation treatments
** Let us show you the absolute best way to find out whether or not YOU are sensitive to gluten. Let us also show you how to remove gluten from your diet safely and effectively.  We guarantee that you will not miss these grains with these healthier alternatives.  Removing gluten from your daily regimen will even help with all natural weight loss and much more!
Removing gluten from your diet can be one of the most natural remedies for chronic constipation that is out there!
“I personally thought it was going to be a struggle to remove gluten from my diet.  I didn’t think I had any issues with it because I didn’t “feel anything” after eating grains.  My husband and I started our gluten-free journey at the beginning of 2008.  It has been so easy and has made a huge difference.  The first thing I noticed was the relief from stomach pain and bloating; now I know what some of the cause was.  He also says “I don’t feel bloated and nasty after I eat!”  Neither of us thought this would be such an easy way to get rid of bloating.  My husband has also suffered from chronic constipation most of his life.  This too has improved tremendously.  When we go out to restaurants the servers are always so willing to answer our questions about specific dishes on the menu.  PF Chang’s is one of the many restaurants with a gluten-free menu and the food is delicious.  I recommend their gluten-free Beef & Broccoli.  Delicious!”
Dani Conway
Sacramento CA Nutritionist

Nutrition the Natural Way
“I have been working with Dani on being gluten free for six months and I’ve been eating 100% gluten free for three months.  It’s not something I could have done overnight or on my own.  I’ve lost 26 lbs. and I feel great.  I decided last weekend to see what would happen if I ate gluten.  Dani had warned me about getting a head ache amongst other things.  All weekend I was waiting for that head ache and nothing happened so I thought I was in the clear and maybe not really sensitive.  Then as I was driving with my parents to the movies Sunday afternoon all of a sudden I got extremely tired.  At that moment I remembered why I had initially started working with Dani.  I was tired all the time.  Being tired came on so fast and I wasn’t expecting it at all.  It totally reminded me why I’m doing this.  I like the way I feel when I’m not eating gluten.  It was an interesting and eye opening experience and now I’m back on track.”
Stephanie Lake
Age 41; Davis, CA