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Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® is a holistic, diagnostic tool that I also use for evaluating physiological imbalances.  Like The Kalish Method, it involves the use of functional medicine testing to get to the root cause of the symptom.
This holistic testing finally gave me some real answers.”     ~K.B.
“Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® is designed to meet the needs of people who struggle with health problems but cannot get those needs met by any other health system,” says Reed Davis, Clinical Nutritionist and founder of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition®.
I cannot believe how much better I feel after removing the foods I’m sensitive to.”     ~W.P.
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (or “FDN”) focuses on the underlying causes of disease while providing some intelligent care relief.  With my clients, I focus on identifying “healing opportunities” while utilizing natural therapies to restore normal function.  I provide functional (lab) interpretations to identify malfunctions and blocking factors within the “HIDDEN®“ model.  Hidden® is an acronym that supports the foundation of all of the systems and functions that I work with.
H ormone
I mmune
D igestion
D etoxofication
E nvironmental
N eurotransmitter
Keep in Mind that hidden stressors and dysfunctions are at the root of most common health complaints.  “FDN is an opt-in model of self-care and a pathway to restoring health.” -R.D.
I believe that health is about and defined by taking responsibility for yourself.  In order to “DRESS®“ for success, I set a foundation and build on it through customized programs addressing…
D iet
R est
E xercise
S tress reduction
S upplements
…where we unblock and support the body’s innate healing ability.
Warning… This is not a medical approach!  I do not diagnose, treat or cure disease.  While medical treatment is for specific “dis-eases,” there’s definitely a time and place for this type of therapy.
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® works in a non specific manner on restoring function, cleaning up inflammation and toxicity and unblocking interferences to return the body to normal HEALTH.  Medical treatment depends on drugs and surgery with a lot of added side effects.
Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® depends on …my foundational principles … along with lifestyle modifications, removing interferences and natural therapies in the DRESS® for Health SUCCESS® Self Care System.