The Detoxification System

The Detox System (as well as the Hormone and Digestive Systems) each plays an integral roll in your body’s overall health and wellness as each system is connected to regulating our most important everyday functions.
Here are some things you can expect…
• Slow down aging
• Stress reducers
Weight loss help with all natural weight loss!
• Natural remedies for constipation
The Detoxification System is extremely important because we are exposed to so
many toxins throughout our lives and we only get one liver to help flush our bodies throughout the years.  Imagine swimming in a pool that never got cleaned… the cleaning wasn’t missed one week or two weeks, but over and over again.  Personally, I don’t want to imagine that for any longer than it took to type
that sentence!
Has your skin lost its glow?  Do you suffer from chronic constipation, fatigue, weight loss resistance, acne, allergies or abdominal pain and bloating?  Our bodies are constantly bombarded with environmental toxins, pesticides and pollutants, and it’s the liver’s job to process, neutralize and excrete these toxins.  A congested liver causes toxic build-up, resulting in accelerated aging and damaged skin.  Unfortunately if ignored for too long, liver detox slows and does not happen on its own.
Nutrition the Natural Way uses body testing for and offers programs that will open up the liver detox pathways and body tissues of accumulated toxins.  These are a great jump start to any weight loss or wellness program!