If you’re ready to DITCH THE DIET, LOSE STUBBORN WEIGHT + GAIN ENERGY, this course IS for YOU!  

Stop starving + start living.  Lose the weight + end the confusion!
+ Imagine… Knowing your ideal foods that will boost your metabolism!
+ Imagine… Eating more to weigh less + burning fat effectively!
+ Imagine… Sparking your energy + feeling more focused!
+ What if you could stop the hangry once and for all?!
+ Finally… ELIMINATE the food + sugar cravings.
+ Imagine… Experiencing results from your workouts that will lower body fat + increase muscle mass!
+ Imagine… Learning Intermittent Fasting strategies that will not leave you starving.
+ Imagine… Maintaining your weight loss results so you never need to diet again.

“I can’t believe that I fit into my size 8 jeans on Christmas Day… and they were actually a little big on me.  I’m down almost 20 lbs. since starting the Course.  Oh and I’m so excited that my wedding ring finally fits me again.  I was determined not to have it re-sized!”  -R.H.

If you’re tired of being fat, frustrated and fatigued, I’m glad you’re here.  I get it – I was too!  I’m Dani Conway, Functional Nutritionist, and I help women ditch the diet, lose stubborn weight and gain energy!  I’m the creator of the #UNdiet Fat Loss Formula.  I’m the author of the eBook, “How to Eat Fat & Get Thin… #UNdiet for Life!”  I’ve been in practice almost 12 years.  I’ve helped hundreds of women lose thousands of pounds.  My women clients are finally feeling freedom from food + comfort IN their skin!

…No more fat clothes that you wear most of the time.  And skinny clothes that sit in your closet collecting dust.  Put an end to the food and sugar cravings.  Quit being moody AF.  Bye-Bye belly bloat and the poopy problems.  STOP starving yourself during the week and binging on the weekend.  And starting over again on Monday.  Every Monday.  Whatever your dietary beliefs, paleo diet, moderate carb, low carb or Keto MY METABOLIC FAT LOSS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

–> Science backed, holistic strategy that won’t leave you in the dark about what’s right for your individual metabolism!
–> A comprehensive metabolic rebalancing approach so you can finally burn fat + lose weight + crush cravings + spark energy!


“Very excited to report I’m down 5 lbs. just 3 weeks into the program.  More importantly, I’m happy to have less hot flashes and better sleep!  Really excited about my overall health!”  ~D.S.

“…I love your ideas, ‘Q&A’ sessions and food ideas! Especially the fat bombs! Your program is a huge eye opener for someone who thinks they’re eating healthy. I’m glad to have gained the knowledge on how to truly take my nutrition and fitness to the next level. I never realized how related they really are.”  ~K.R.

<— “…I’m fairly certain I was completely starving my body.  You have given me so much amazing info!”  ~B.P. 



Metabolic Fat Loss 10 Week Course… Lose Weight, Crush Cravings + Spark Energy!

This 10 Week Course is for you IF…

+ You’re still confused about “Macros,” and you’d like to finally remove all of the guesswork to be able to customize YOUR personal Macro formula to achieve your desired for weight loss results and maintain your transformation!
+ You’re following “Keto” though you’re still struggling with fat adaptation.
+ You’d like daily 1:1 coaching from a real Nutritionist, who’s backed with 12+ years experience, so you can stop making the mistakes that are keeping you stuck, and start implementing the most optimal fat loss strategies that will speed up your weight loss results process.
+ You’re still experiencing low energy, afternoon crashes and food / sugar cravings despite eating clean.
+ You don’t feel well “on Keto” and you’re not sure what else to do to lose the weight since you’ve already tried everything. Or, you’re just still confused about Keto + Low Carb friendly foods, as the ones labeled as such aren’t working for you.


During this 10 weeks, you WILL receive!

+ Your personalized Macro formula so you can stop guessing and finally achieve your weight loss and fat loss results. You’ll know how to make any meal plan work for you!
+ Learn how to crush your cravings + eliminate excessive hunger problems!
+ Learn simple, non-caloric strategies to rebalance hormones.
+ Implement gourmet strategies to avoid anxiety + depression + overwhelm around everything FOOD!
+ Learn the correct ways to optimize “Keto!” (should you determine Keto IS for YOU!  And NO, you don’t need to be “Keto” to benefit from this course!)
+ Learn satisfying + effective Intermittent Fasting strategies that won’t leave you starving!
+ Learn gentle ways to maximize digestion to increase energy + muscle recovery.
+ Learn how to cheat + NOT gain weight! #cheatclean
+ Learn how to reset your metabolism easily + effectively!
+ Access to private FB group community with course participants only!
+ Unlimited access to weekly session videos to watch at the time(s) that work best for your schedule + access to review as often as necessary.
+ Individual coaching from Dani + unlimited Q&A access with Dani based on ALL session topics!  (infinite value here!)
+ Success support + accountability from course participants!


“…Dani, I’m thrilled with your education and insight. I love learning more about how my body operates to its optimum. My body LOVES fat! Your passion and expertise is celebrated and truly treasured.”
 ~ D.P.

“I’ve lost some very stubborn 9 lbs. which I’m very excited about!”  ~M.P.


This program is valued at $2,499 ~

Quite honestly, probably more.  

The actual cost for this program is only $499 !

READY?! –> CLICK HERE to join NOW!!


Not ready yet?
It’s totally OK.
Not everyone is ready to permanently lose the weight + drop the fat + not have to obsess about food any more…

“OMG this is so liberating!!”  Says client S.M. who just learned she will do better on 60g carbs daily!


Not sure?  Let me answer ALL of your questions! 

“Why only 10 weeks?  Seems like it would take longer than that to obtain good health Because you’re busy AF!  This program is based on my 20 years of experience in the Nutrition and Fitness industry.  It’s also based on 11+ of those years working one-on-one with women just like yourself in my private practice.  I know you just don’t have the time to dive into long term nutrition programs that are drawn out beyond what they need to be.  But, I also know you want weight loss + fat loss results!  This program is the best of both worlds.  Long term health – not a short term quick fix.   And this course delivers just that!  RESULTS.

“Is this course just another one of those weight loss challenges?”  This program is NOT a “Challenge.” I actually do not like “challenges” when it comes to weight loss + fat loss.  How many challenges have you done that haven’t worked?  Exactly.  While a challenge motivates some people short term, that’s all it does.  Quite frankly, challenges don’t work for me AT ALL.  They totally put me on the defense, IN my body, and IN my mind.  Say the word to yourself, CHALLENGE.  I don’t feel good when I think of the context that word provides me.  I’m a huge believer in celebrating your wins, small or large, along the way!  We are doing so many things outside of our body and our mind.  That needs to shift.  And, it will, soon after this course begins!

“Can you explain more about this course?  I’m still unsure.”  … This IS a course with an actual curriculum of real topics, and real coaching, from a Certified Nutrition Practitioner.  I have almost 20 years of personal and professional experience.  Including all areas of low carb + keto nutrition, hormone balancing, digestive health, functional medicine + functional testing, The Kalish Method, Metabolic Typing, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and more.  This course is based upon an actual curriculum that builds weekly.

“There is so much free nutrition information + so many nutrition FB groups out there. Why should I join a paid course?”  I get it and this is such a valid question.  But that’s exactly it.  There is SO much information out there.  How do you know exactly what’s right for YOUR body + metabolism?  I know there are groups out there.  Have you ever joined one?  Someone asks a question.  Then there are 100-300 answers from “expert” individuals, with ZERO credentials.  Ask yourself honestly, “Is what I’m currently doing is really working?”  If you’re tired of the guess work, and you want to END THE CONFUSION, this course is for YOU!

A few more to cover all bases…

“What if I can’t be on the videos at the scheduled times?”  This is no problem.  You can access the video sessions at any time that is convenient for YOU.  You can also watch and rewatch as many times as necessary.  You don’t have to watch them multiple times.  They’re always there for you if needed! 

“Do I need to buy certain foods before the course begins?”  Definitely not.  I actually would prefer that you wait at least until after Session 1 to shop as this session clarify so many things about the types of ideal fat burning foods that are correct!  


“…This program has truly raised my awareness and understanding of proteins, fats and carbs and their true effect on fueling my body and supporting efficient metabolism. I never realized that too much protein can trigger an insulin response and cause a constant hunger that I battled with daily. Thank you – you’re truly a health coach of the highest order!”  ~ R.C.


This program is valued at $2,499 ~

Quite honestly, probably more.  

The actual cost for this program is only $499 !

READY?! –> CLICK HERE to join NOW!!


**IMPORTANTPlease note that this Metabolic Fat Loss 10 Week Course is based on the combination of strategies that work for weight loss + fat loss.  I am so grateful for where my own journey in health, wellness and nutrition has taken me, personally and professionally.  I have lost 65 lbs. and maintained that weight loss.  I’ve rebalanced my hormones + digestive health which has made all of the difference in the world with my fat loss and increased energy.  You will learn ALL of the tips, tricks and hacks that work.  No weight loss gimmicks here!  You get to choose what you want to use!  Tons of education on Pure Therapeutic Ketones as well. I only wish I had access to this body hack 10-20 years ago when I was still struggling.  This is just one of the many ways that you’ll be able to take your nutrition and fitness to the next level, but in no way is this a mandatory part of the program.  I simply want to share this magic with you as an option so you can give your body a boost to help rebalance to eliminate the symptoms you struggle with on a daily basis.  Symptoms such as good and sugar cravings, weight gain, fatigue, headaches, mood swings, PMS, insomnia/ sleepless nights, anxiety or depression, and more.

QUESTIONS…. If you’re not sure if this program is for YOU, let’s book a Discovery call so we can determine the best next steps for YOU!  Contact me, Dani Conway, Nutritionist Sacramento CA of Nutrition the Natural Way directly at Dani at Nutrition the Natural Way dot com or call me directly on my cell phone, area code six one nine, nine seven two, eight two seven seven. **Please note this is in numerical form to avoid spamming.

I look forward to guiding each and every one of you to achieving your “Metabolic Fat Loss” results ONCE AND FOR ALL!

~Copyright 2016 Nutrition the Natural Way ~