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Meet Dani Conway

Before Functional Nutrition Practitioner Dani Conway became a leader in the Ketogenic and Low Carb arena of the health and fitness industry, she had her own story to tell – one that catapulted her into a life coaching hundreds of people in nutrition and wellness over the past 19 years.  Her own gut-wrenching experiences of yoyo dieting and following the masses with “one sized fits all” programs, led her to discover that there was more than one culprit at play that was helping to sabotage her fat loss efforts. CLICK HERE to read more about Sacramento CA Nutritionist Dani’s personal story!

While she works with all types of clients, her primary focus is Women’s Wellness, with an emphasis on Customized, Ketogenic – Low Carb Nutrition.  She works with female clients between the ages of 32 and 45 and she has developed a customized formula to help her clients get control of their health to achieve their goals with long-lasting results.  She works with the everyday Mom trying to keep up with her kids, to the athlete looking for next level performance.  Apart from those seeking help with long term, successful fat loss, she has assisted individuals with rebalancing mood and hormone imbalance issues, improving energy levels; along with eliminating digestive issues.  She plays a key role in guiding them to the solutions needed for regaining a permanent and positive sense of physical and mental balance in their lives.  By providing individually customized nutrition and wellness programs for her clients, Dani has succeeded in helping them turn the corner in achieving wellness and weight control.

Dani has a true passion for delicious, clean food, and is amazing at creating new recipes, along with re-vamping the most seemingly sinful and decadent recipes into something you do not have to feel guilty about!  She was recently featured on CBS Sacramento, and on TV for the third time, on her specialty “cooking to achieve and successfully maintain a Low Carb and Ketogenic Lifestyle!”  CLICK HERE to check out her segments!  The foundation of her customized nutrition work with clients in private practice, as well as in the online Successful Fat Loss program that she runs, focuses on real food, Ketogenic Low Carb clean eating and meal planning.


Dani has a HUGE online Keto Nutrition Community following as well through social media!  CLICK HERE to join!

I came to this field because of my own problems with food cravings, weight gain and digestive problems and realized that if I could find alternative ways to successfully deal with all these, I could help others as well.  I knew I was not the only one struggling with the lack of answers.  Holistic nutrition and alternative health has truly changed my life!” says Dani, whose expertise stems from having studied with some of the top holistic practitioners in the holistic health, nutrition and functional medicine fields.

Are you stuck in a fat loss rut and need some answers?  Email or call Dani TODAY to schedule your Initial Consultation at (916) 234-6869.


  • B.A., San Diego State University, Psychology
  • Certified C.H.E.K. Holistic Lifestyle Coach II
  • Kalish Method Practitioner
  • Advanced Certified Metabolic Typing® Advisor
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner
  • Director of Nutritional Services, Raw Fit Training (
  • Ongoing continuing education, along with mentoring by experts in the fields of holistic health, nutrition and functional medicine.
  • An active public speaker giving lectures and educational workshops on various topics at networking and fundraising events as well as local fitness facilities such as gyms and private studios. She also guest lectures for various local Chiropractors.


Dani Conway
Dani ConwayNutrition Practitioner

Heal your body, reverse aging and develop vitality and longevity to feel better than you’ve ever imagined!

Nutrition the Natural Way is committed to an effective, real-life approach to achieving total health and wellness.  I empower my clients and teach you how to transform your body by making changes that stick.

Through proven techniques I customize programs in the areas of Natural Nutrition, Body Balancing, Wellness Goals and Lifestyle Coaching so the body responds optimally and you develop amazing vitality while reaching your ultimate success that you’re easily able to maintain for life!

Call Today to Discover the 3 Keys to Ultimate Health & Success for Life! 

916.234.NTNW (6869)

What people are saying about Dani and How She Works With Her Clients:

“I told her what I was experiencing and she assured me I was not crazy and that YES, there was something going on that she could help with!”
Malissa B. (Elk Grove, CA)
“I am at my body fat goal and have gained more knowledge about nutrition than I expected! I lost 3% body fat in about 6 weeks using Dani’s guidance. I am at my body fat goal and have gained more knowledge about nutrition than I expected!”
Amber L.,Personal Trainer (Sacramento, CA)
“I just wanted to let you know how much you have changed my life in such a short amount of time! My results have been truly amazing!!!
Allison H., Roseville, CA

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