Chocolate Fat Burning Breakfast Bowl… as seen on Good Day Sacramento!

Yep!  A chocolate fat burning breakfast bowl.  lol  There are just certain things that must be incorporated into my life in order to maintain my 65 lb. weight loss results.  All while completely avoiding that awful feeling of deprivation.  Chocolate is definitely one of them.  You feel me?  I was so excited to share this on Good Day Sacramento.  I seriously think everything *needs* this recipe LOL  CLICK HERE to catch the segment replay if you want to check it out!

I mean really, who wants to give up chocolate?!  No one I know.  And surely, no client I’ve ever worked!!  I mean seriously, did you know there are TONS of health benefits to chocolate in its raw and purest form, raw cacao?  Minerals including potassium, 125 mg per tablespoon actually, fiber and much more!  This fat burning breakfast bowl is also a great way to meet your Macros for the day.  Confused about Macro?!  Or just not sure where to start or why you’re not getting the fast results you’ve been hoping for?  Hop into my free Fat Burning Keto Tribe on FB… CLICK HERE to jump in! 

This is Sacramento, CA Nutritionist Dani Conway and I help women *ditch the diet,* lose stubborn weight and gain energy!  Imagine feeling freedom from food and comfort in your own skin!!  What if you could eat more and weight less.  Seriously, no more freaking out about what you’re going to eat for your next meal or snack.  Go shopping knowing that the lonely feeling of being in that dressing room with a pile of clothes that don’t fit is totally a thing of the past.  I know what ALLLLL of this is like because I experienced it for YEARS.  Ready for change?  I got you!  CLICK HERE to grab my free eBook, “How to Eat Fat & Get Fit… Stop Starving, Start Living!!” if you don’t have it already.

Ok back to the point.  CHOCOLATE!  Along with “eat fat burn fat.”  I actually jumped into this LCHF thing before it was even a thing.  That was over 11 years ago.  Prior to becoming certified in all things holistic nutrition and functional medicine.  Getting to the root cause to achieve true weight loss, fat loss, energy, and focus.  I was finally able to balance my Macros for my body and metabolism.  All day hunger was gone.  It was a serious time for celebration.  Lol

This recipe is a fantastic, no sugar, low carb, way to keep chocolate in your life.  This breakfast even supports a light keto nutrition plan or strict ketogenic lifestyle and gives you an awesome mix of protein, good fat + net carbs.  There are a few, though one of the main reasons we get food and sugar cravings throughout the day is because we consume too many carbs in relation to how much protein and fat we are eating.  This recipe also calls for some good MCT based fats that our body burns as fuel.

Speaking of fuel, this is my favorite Keto breakfast recipe for my active days!  And my clients love these types of recipes.  I mean who wouldn’t!  Chocolate for breakfast!  Great for the kids too!  Now, for the recipe… there is also a dairy free Keto + vegan Keto version below!

Fat-Burning Chocolate Breakfast Bowl

1/2 c. Ricotta Cheese (you can use non fat or full fat… this is one of the only times that I’ll suggest “non” fat dairy as there are no additional sugars added)
…(NON dairy version below!)
1/2-1 scoop PurePaleo Chocolate Protein Powder
2 Tbsp. Nativas Naturals Cacao Nibs (unsweetened)
1/8 tsp. Organic Almond Extract
1 tbsp. Organic Raw Cacao Powder
1/2 – 1 Tbsp. MCT Oil
Option: up to 1/4 c. Organic Chopped Almonds
Option: top with chopped strawberries

  1. Measure Ricotta into a bowl…
  2. Mix in protein powder with a dash of filtered water… adding the water just makes it easier to mix!
  3. Add Almond Extract and mix…
  4. Add remaining ingredients to the top as pictured… MCT oil, Cacao Powder and top with Cacao Nibs!
  5. Note… Macros below do not include the almond or strawberry additional options.

Low Carb Keto Macros: 
Calories 491
Protein: 40.2g
Fat: 32.3g
Total Carbs: 15.2g
NET Carbs: 7.7g
Fiber: 7.5g
Sugar: 4g

NON-Dairy Keto / Vegan Chocolate Bowl Option…

1/2 c. Organic Thai Kitchen brand Coconut Milk
1/2 c. filtered water
1/8 tsp. Organic Almond Extract
1 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder of choice… if following a Keto Diet, be sure your protein is 2g net carbs or less
OR… 1-3 tbsp. Hemp Seeds
2 tbsp. Raw Cacao Nibs
1 tbsp. Raw Cacao Powder
1 tbsp. Organic Chia Seeds
1/2 – 1 Tbsp. MCT Oil
up to 1/4 c. Organic Chopped Almonds (optional)

  1. Blend Coconut Milk, water, almond extract & protein
  2. Pour into a bowl…
  3. Add remaining ingredients!!

This is basically like a “faux” super nutrient dense, chocolate cereal!


Caution: Keto breakfast fat burning chocolate bowls are slightly addicting… in a good way, of course!

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