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 I help busy women #UNdiet for life!  If you’re tired of being fat, frustrated and fatigued, I’m glad you’re here.  I get it – I was too!  I’m Dani Conway, creator of the #UNdiet Fat Loss Formula, exclusively helping busy women who are tired of being fat, frustrated and fatigued ditch the 4-letter diet, flatten your tummy and fit into those skinny jeans all year long.

The hundreds of women, who I’ve been blessed to work with, are finally living life, feeling freedom from food and comfort in their own skin!  Over the next 7 weeks, I promise I’ll guide you down the exact same path!  #GetYourSexyBack… ditch the 4-letter diet, flatten your tummy and have all the tools you need to fit into those skinny jeans all year long!

No more fat clothes that you wear most of the time, and skinny clothes that sit in your closet collecting dust.  No more food and sugar cravings.  Quit being moody AF.  Ditch the belly bloat and the poopy problems.  Quit starving yourself during the week and binging on the weekend.  And starting over again on Monday, every Monday.  Start your health and wellness journey here, or for the seasoned, really take things up to the next level.  Whatever your dietary beliefs, and even if you already follow anything from the paleo diet, moderate carb or low carb; or are wanting to learn more about keto nutrition through a ketogenic diet, JUMP IN!

You’ll learn your “Keto-Archetype” … Classy, Sassy or Bad-Assy!  What hunger really means and how to successfully control it.  Cheating clean.  No-fail Intermittent Fasting techniques.  Benefits of Metabolic Reset and SO much more!  Simply put, ALL of the tools you need, FOR LIFE!  Ready NOW?  CLICK HERE TO JOIN US!


“Very excited to report I’m down 5 lbs. just 3 weeks into the program.  More importantly, I’m happy to have less hot flashes and better sleep!  Really excited about my overall health!”  ~D.S.

“…I love your ideas, ‘Q&A’ sessions and food ideas! Especially the fat bombs! Your program is a huge eye opener for someone who thinks they’re eating healthy. I’m glad to have gained the knowledge on how to truly take my nutrition and fitness to the next level. I never realized how related they really are.”  ~K.R.


Why a “7 week program?” Seems like it would take longer than that to obtain good health … Because you’re busy AF!  This program is based on my 20 years of experience in the Nutrition and Fitness industry, as well as 11+ of those years working one-on-one in my private Nutrition Consulting practice, with busy women just like yourself, who are looking to ditch the 4-letter diet, permanently lose fat and feel great ALL. THE. TIME.  So many of you do not have the time to dive into long term nutrition programs.  Though I know you want the absolute best of the best, and you’re tired of shit that doesn’t work!  That’s it.  This shit works!  Long term health – not a short term quick fix.  And this program delivers just that!  RESULTS.


“…Dani, I’m thrilled with your education and insight. I love learning more about how my body operates to its optimum. My body LOVES fat! Your passion and expertise is celebrated and truly treasured.”
 ~ D.P.


“I’ve lost some very stubborn 9 lbs. which I’m very excited about!”  ~M.P.


I know – SO many questions.  I actually love questions!  This page is for those of you who are interested in learning more, have already inquired or who are already IN the program to refer to for all related information.  If at any time you feel this is not for you, than I just want to truly thank you for checking this out!  And before you go, may I ask you for some help? … I do run a referral based practice, so if you can think of any friends or family who are ready for a NO B.S. next level approach to Nutrition, Health and Wellness, please send them my way!

This program is an amazing opportunity for you to shift towards BETTER things in your lives!  Better energy, better mood, better body composition, better digestion, better strength, balanced appetite and better knowledge of what YOUR body needs nutritionally; better focus and SO much more.  Get away from your “symptoms” once and for all.

This program is NOT a “Challenge.”  I actually do not like that expression when it comes to health and wellness.  That said, while it does motivate some people, it personally, totally puts me on the defense, IN my body, and IN my mind.  Say the word to yourself, CHALLENGE.  I don’t feel good when I think of the context that word provides me.  I’m a huge believer in celebrating your wins, small or large, along the way!  We are doing so many things outside of our body and our mind.  That needs to shift.  And, it will by the end of this program!

What this 7 Week Ditch the Diet Program IS… This IS a program with an actual curriculum of real topics, and real coaching, from a Certified Nutrition Practitioner with almost 20 years of personal and professional experience in many areas of nutrition, keto nutrition, functional medicine/ functional testing, hormone balancing, digestive health, The Kalish Method, Metabolic Typing, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and more.  This program IS based upon an actual curriculum that builds weekly with all of the regular sessions, BONUS sessions, and a few special guest presentations as well!


There is so much free nutrition information along with so many nutrition groups out there. Why should I join a paid program?  I get it and this is such a valid question. But that’s exactly it. There is SO much information out there. But how do you know exactly what to take action on? Which of it is right for YOUR body? I know there are groups out there. Have you ever joined one? Someone asks a question and there are 100-300 answers from “expert” individuals, with ZERO credentials, who are hardly qualified as mediocre nutrition experts. And when it comes to Facebook groups, many are not nice either. Ask yourself honestly, “Is what I’m currently doing is really working – is this advancing MY body and MY mind to the next level of achieving MY goals.”   


“…This program has truly raised my awareness and understanding of proteins, fats and carbs and their true effect on fueling my body and supporting efficient metabolism. I never realized that too much protein can trigger an insulin response and cause a constant hunger that I battled with daily. Thank you – you’re truly a health coach of the highest order!”  ~ R.C.


THE PROGRAM… 7 Weeks to #GetYourSexyBack … Ditch the Diet, Flatten Your Tummy & Skinny Jeans ALL. YEAR. LONG!

7+ Webinar Sessions… with 2-3 additional BONUS sessions and a few surprise guest presentations!  Topics including and not limited to the following…

  • Finding Your Macros!… Crack YOUR Metabolic Code!  Moderate Carb, Low Carb & Keto Nutrition.  What do these really mean and what is going to work for YOUR long term success!
  • **Optimized Fat Loss Macro  Formula**… Your INDIVIDUAL Optimized Fat Loss Formula, considering your individual stats, for achievable, maintainable results, once and for all!
    ~~ I’m just SO excited about this new addition to the program that I’ve created, and have been secretly testing, with much success! ~~
  • Everything FOOD… Clean Eating, Food Quality, Shopping Suggestions, Cooking Guidelines, how to EFFECTIVELY Read Food Labels; Organic on a Budget… “Food is Medicine” – healing powers of herbs and spices.
  • Addressing Hunger and Cravings! This will definitely be a theme throughout the program – and the various things that affect these “symptoms,” along with the various ways to manage and eliminate them.
  • Food Logging… What to really look for when “logging” food intake and how to create an energy deficit to achieve YOUR desired results!
  • Recipe suggestions… This is HUGE and will happen throughout the program! What’s wrong with recipes out there, and what’s RIGHT! Also entails everything from suggested ingredient substitutions, why do one thing and not another, what to do in the cases of various sensitivities, picky eaters and MORE!
  • Ketogenic Diet, Ketosis, Ketogenesis & Ketones… Such “buzz” words!  What do they mean?  Along with being “Fat Adapted” and the benefits. …Should I follow Low Carb?  Moderate Carb? Does Keto Flu really exist?  **HOW TO FIGURE OUT IF THIS IS FOR YOU! And if not, what IS for YOU?!
  • Are you a “Sugar Burner” struggling with Insulin Resistance? How to become a “Fat Burner!”
  • Metabolic Reset Protocol… (Optional) 2-4 day guided protocol to rebalance hormones. What is this and why would I want to do this?
  • THE SCALE. How to use the scale for GOOD vs. evil, what is it really measuring – and more.
  • Planning Ahead… Effective strategies for: Restaurants, Traveling, Seasonal Eating – BBQs etc… How to successfully manage these “situations!”
  • Human Performance… what the heck is this?  I’m NOT an athlete!  Being BETTER in your life.
  • Athletic Performance… I AM an athlete – how do I increase endurance, stamina, strength and properly recover without breaking down my body? Learn to workout smarter, not harder!
  • Intermittent Fasting… Intermittent WHAT?!  Will I starve?  Best practices; what, when, how, why.
  • Carb Cycling Strategies… Carb what?!  How to cycle your carbs successfully based on various factors including exercise/ training, hormones, hunger, fat loss and more.
  • Toxin overload!!  Environment, skin & beauty care & more.
  • Supplements… Why use Supplementation?  Do they work? How to choose what is right?  Must haves and have nots!  Supplement Quality – what to look for.  Supplementing seasonally.
  • Private Facebook Group Access to communicate with the other participants, ask questions on program content, learn how others are being successful, connect with Me (Dani) directly and receive some individual guidance along the way – bringing infinite value to this program!
  • Recorded Session access through FB Live on the Private Facebook page.
  • Optional: Guidance with ketone powder usage through direct contact with Me, (Dani).  (The 6 Week Fat Loss Private FB page is reserved for information on the content of the program only. Contact Me directly with ketone powder questions.)

**We will also have 1-2 guest speakers throughout the program on various related topics as well!


This program is valued at $1,899 ~

Let me say that again…  This program is valued at $1,899.  

Quite honestly, probably more.  

*** The actual cost for this program is only $279 !

How to join?  CLICK HERE to EMAIL Dani  saying “I”M IN!!” and I’ll get back to you right away so you can choose what works for YOU!


**IMPORTANTPlease note that this 7 Week Program, #GetYourSexyBack… Ditch the Diet, Flatten Your Tummy and Skinny Jeans ALL. YEAR. LONG is based on the combination of many concepts and tools for long term health!  I am so grateful for where my own journey in health, wellness and nutrition has taken me, personally and professionally.  I will be sharing TONS of hacks along with all of my tips and tricks.  You get to choose what you want to use!  Tons of education on Pure Therapeutic Ketones as I only wish I had access to this body hack tool 10-20 years ago when I was still struggling!  This is just one of the many ways that you’ll be able to take your nutrition and fitness to the next level, but in no way is this a mandatory part of the program.  I simply want to share this magic with you as an option so you can give your body a boost to help rebalance to eliminate the symptoms you struggle with on a daily basis.  Symptoms such as good and sugar cravings, weight gain, fatigue, headaches, mood swings, PMS, insomnia/ sleepless nights, anxiety or depression, and more.

QUESTIONS…. If you’re not sure if this program is for YOU.  If you have no clue what pure therapeutic ketones are.  If you think you want to add in Pure Therapeutic Ketones, and you’re not sure which formula to choose.  If you have any other questions, or simply need clarification on ANYTHING, contact me, Dani Conway, Nutritionist Sacramento CA of Nutrition the Natural Way directly at Dani at Nutrition the Natural Way dot com or call me directly on my cell phone, area code six one nine, nine seven two, eight two seven seven. **Please note this is in numerical form to avoid spamming.

I look forward to guiding each and every one of you to #GetYourSexyBack ONCE AND FOR ALL!

~Copyright 2016 Nutrition the Natural Way ~

This program is not to be reproduced in any way, shape or form, without permission, by anyone other than Dani Conway.

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