“You have to eat fat in order to burn fat” is my most favorite personal quote that I use when I’m addressing the importance of various Eating-Fat-to-Burn-Fat-2_FFW-Blogmacronutrients, specifically fat, either in my private practice with clients here at Nutrition the Natural Way, or when giving a workshop.  Fat is ESSENTIAL to the body for many reasons; hence where they got the name “Essential Fats.”  However, Essential Fats are actually not made by the body so this is why it is so important to be consuming them on a daily basis… in the right form and in the right amount.  This is the key as well as the tricky part. Many clients will do well on what’s called a Ketogenic Diet or Keto Lifestyle. This keto diet style of eating means high fat, moderate protein and low carb. Ketogenic Diet helps the body to make endogenous ketones, which are produced as a result of a healthy fat metabolism. Ketones are an amazing energy source!

Essential Fats have many roles… they are anti-inflammatory and help regulate pain and swelling; they regulate cholesterol and assist with hormone production.  Let’s be real for a minute on Hormones.  What your MD probably won’t tell you is that good fats, including saturated fats, feed hormones.  Hormones are actually synthesized from cholesterol.  And you can’t have healthy hormones without the consumption of good fats, in the correct amount!

Proper Fats also help maintain blood pressure, cardiovascular and brain health and much more.  Actually, one of the most important and immediate roles that fat plays in the body is its role for helping you feel satisfied after a meal.  This is why you see various healthy fat selections with all of the recipes here on my Nutrition the Natural Way healthy recipe blog, whether its breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner or dessert.

I receive many questions on Ketones and Ketogenic Diet.  Using a Ketogenic Diet plan to get the body into ketosis is great for many ailments and has been studied since the 1920’s for the implications of Epilepsy, Cancer, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Ketones are beneficial whether they’re produced via a Keto Diet or taken in the form of a supplemental ketone.  CLICK HERE to watch a short clip on how ketones can fuel your body,

Believe it or not, you can also be deficient in the Essential Fatty Acids.  I have seen so many overweight, yet undernourished people.  Some signs of Essential Fat deficiency include:

  • Inflammation
  • Poor memory
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Low immune system (getting colds or flus often!)
  • Depressed moods or mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Skin conditions: dry, eczema, etc.

The goal should be a ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 that is 2:1 and considered ANTI inflammatory; meaning that this will fight and reduce inflammation.  You can always look into Ketogenic Diet as this will help you to be sure you receive all of those good anti inflammatory saturated fats.  Most Americans have a ratio that is 20:1, PRO inflammatory, causing inflammation.  This is where problems such as the ones listed above will occur.  Though Keto Diet can be a challenge for various reasons.  I’ve been working with clients privately for almost 10 years on customized nutrition; whether its moderate carb, low carb or a keto nutrition plan.  I also run an affordable, online, 6 Week Successful Fat Loss Program with TONS of information as well.  CLICK HERE for details.

Be sure that you’re making good choices on those Essential Fats!

Here are some examples to choose from:
— Grassfed Butter
— Raw Dairy or Grassfed Dairy
— Ghee
— Coconut Oil
— MCT Oil
— Palm Oil
— Olive Oil (must be high quality)
— Raw Nuts & Seeds
— Wild Salmon (protein + fat)

Realize that when you go out, you’re always going to be exposed to the “bad” inflammatory oils such as hidden vegetable oils, soybean, corn and canola oils.  These are cheap and widely available in the restaurant industry, so they’re used often.  Be sure to remove those from your home and NEVER cook with them.

Olive and Avocado oils are great for salad dressings.  Always cook with Coconut or Palm oil, Ghee or butter!

Should you have any questions about the “good fats,” please don’t hesitate to drop me a line!  Dani at Nutrition the Natural Way . com  CLICK HERE to connect on Facebook as well.

Good luck!