Nutrition Consulting Options & Packages

“People who worked with a health coach to lose weight lost 9.5 more pounds, on average, than those who didn’t work with a coach.”  -New England Journal of Medicine

“Dani, with your help I was able to get into the best shape of my life. I am beyond grateful!” -N.L.

There are Consulting Options Packages available for everyone!  My programs are tailored to fit your needs.  Whether you’re looking for a quick jump start or a long term program, there’s something for you.  Location is of no concern.  I work with clients locally as well as long distance via Skype and email; so no matter what, we get to meet face to face.  I also offer an amazing “6 Weeks to Better…. Fat Loss, Energy & Much More” online program option.  CLICK HERE for all of the details on this fantastic program!

“Thank you for this 6 week program!  My energy has skyrocketed and I’m down a VERY stubborn 9 lbs.  Hello again 5am workouts!  I never dreamed I could give up gluten and sugar and still eat my favorite foods.”  -M.P.

The Initial Consultation… “Hmmm what should I expect?!”
The Initial Consult is a time for me to get to know you, and more importantly, for you to get to know me.  You’ll get to learn more, ask questions and decide if these type of functional programs and functional testing are a good fit for you.  I’ll learn more about you and what your goals are and from there we’ll go over recommendations for you personally, package and coaching options and costs involved.  You’ll receive some guidance on where to go next along with the opportunity to get all of your questions answered at this time so that you can make the best choice for how you’d like to move forward.  While there is no obligation to “sign up” at any time, the Initial Consultation fee is $79.

Nutrition Packages… Designed for Long Term Results!
Clients come in with various symptomatic complaints that we intend to get to the bottom of.  Many clients often “opt in” for multiple testing options and at the same time they like the idea of being accountable and working together for a duration of time so they can make the gradual changes necessary to achieve their goals once and for all.  If this sounds like you, the the Nutrition Package option might be a great fit as they are the most popular option that I offer.  Schedule your Initial Consultation to get your questions answered!

Coaching “As You Go”
While my clients who work with me for a longer duration, and / or on a more regular basis do get the best results, long term commitments are not for everyone.  If this sounds like you, or you’re on the fence, don’t hesitate to contact me!  You do not have to commit to any long term program(s) and you’re welcome to start with the initial testing that works for you and then decide when and how often the coaching piece fits in with your lifestyle!

Contact me today to schedule your Initial Consultation!